Web Publishing

The University of Guelph website provides information about the University, its teaching and research mission, its programs, resources, services and people, to a wide audience of students (current and prospective), faculty, staff, alumni, potential co-op employers and visitors. The site is dynamic and encourages innovation, creativity and freedom of expression.

Information published on the University website must comply with University policies and federal and provincial laws, including, but not limited to:

All University colleges, departments, faculties, schools and other units, as well as all faculty, staff, students and alumni who possess University computer accounts, may become an information provider on the University's website. Anyone whose information offerings are accessed via the University of Guelph website must abide by these guidelines.

Information on the creation of official webpages, and the use of the University Identifier (logo) can be found in the University of Guelph's Web Design Guidelines.

Three Categories of Web Information Providers


To become the official information provider for your department, you will need an organizational account and departmental approval from your chair or director. Departments without their own web servers may maintain their webpages on the University's main web server. An allocation of 100 MB will be given to each department.

Departmental websites must follow the University of Guelph's Web Design Guidelines.


If you are creating a website for a campus organization you can also apply for an organizational website and have access to space on the university server. Once your website is created, it can then be included on our organizational website listing.

Officially sponsored organizations should consult the University of Guelph's Web Design Guidelines.


Creating a personal home page? Faculty, staff and students may create personal home pages on the university server.

Questions or comments about these guidelines should be directed to the University of Guelph's Website Manager.