Graduate Students

NameDegreeDateThesis Title/Topic
Brady DortmansM.Sc.  Simple Climate Change Models
Mona GhwilaM.Sc.2017 Mathematical Analysis of a Delay System as an Equivalent Model for a Size-Structured Fish Population
Marianne WaitoPh.D.2016 Models of Cytokine Dynamics During Cytokine Storms and Synergy During Viurs and Drug Combination Therapy
Andrew SkeltonPh.D.2014 Parameter Range Reduction in Systems of Differential Equations
Marianne WilcoxM.Sc.2013 A Model of the Effects of Fluid Variation Due to Body Position on Cheyne-Stokes Respiration
Petko KitanovPh.D.2011 Normal Form Analysis for Bifurcations with Huygens Symmetry
Emily SzuszM.Sc.2010 A Parameter Range Reduction Algorithm for ODE Models: Time-Series Data Representation and Algorithm Analysis
Raluca AmarieiM.Sc.2007 Hepatitis A: Canada and the United States as a Coupled Epidemiological Model
Shaojie ChangM.Sc.2006 Local Bifurcation Analysis of a Five-Species Food Web Model with Two Coupled Food Chains

Post Doctoral Researchers

NameDateResearch Topic
Petko Kitanov2011–2012 Bifurcations with Huygens Symmetry
E. coli. contamination in ground beef processing