CCLC Re-opening

The University of Guelph Child Care and Learning Centre is excited to be re-opening our doors to welcome families on Monday August 31st. We appreciate the continued support we received from families and the community throughout the closure. We heard from many families who appreciated the opportunities to stay connected to educators and peers through our online programming and supports offered in the early months of the closure. We are so glad this was meaningful for children and families during a time of uncertainty and isolation. Thank goodness for technology, which has allowed us to find innovative ways to maintain, and even deepen, our relationships. While we missed the children and families, and each other, the time away has also provided educators with opportunities for professional learning and personal growth. We have continued to think individually and as a team on who we are and have gained a heightened sense of our role in creating transformational change in the world within the context of events in recent months. We are looking forward to engaging in book studies and conversations to continue this growth through thinking deeply together on anti-racism, anti-oppression, the climate crisis, and exploring the pedagogy that will provoke the transformational change our world needs. These pressing issues give us the strength and excitement to return to our important work during this challenging time. We will continue to keep children’s well-being as our top priority as we reimagine caring within our new and ever-changing reality.


We look forward to continuing to serve the University and broader Guelph community and wish you well this semester!


The CCLC Team