About the CCLC Family Collaborative

The Centre has had a very active CCLC Family Collaborative (CCLC FC) which contributes to the richness of the CCLC community.

The purpose of the CCLC FC is for parents to take part in the planning of community events, support connections between families, and coordinate fundraising efforts to enhance the CCLC learning materials and environments.

Benefits to being a CCLC FC member include:

  • sharing your talents and skills for the benefit of the children, families, and staff of the CCLC;
  • collaborating with other parents in supporting quality early learning and child care;
  • learning new transferable skills such as fundraising

The CCLC Family Collaborative meets quarterly on a Monday from 4:30-5:30 pm. With more frequent meeting or subcommittee meetings as required.

If you are interested in getting involved with the CCLC Family Collaborative, please contact the CCLC Family Collaborative


Being a member of the CCLC Family Collaborative (CCLC FC) is a fantastic way to quickly integrate into the CCLC family. When my first child started at the CCLC, I found being involved in the CCLC FC to be a great resource to be informed and also a platform to provide feedback or suggestions. I am thrilled to have a second child at the CCLC and am able to continue to be involved in the CCLC FC. The longer that I am involved, the more integrated I feel and the more value I am able to contribute to the CCLC community. – Catrina Watson

The CCLC isn’t just a centre. It is a community. And being a part of the CCLC Family Collaborative has given me the opportunity to give back and to be a bigger part of this amazing community. I have felt a greater connection to the CCLC since joining CCLC FC. Being able to feel so connected to the CCLC through CCLC FC has allowed me to feel like I am a part of my child’s day. It has been tremendously rewarding for me. – Brittney Wellwood

Being a member of CCLC FC has been highly rewarding. I've had the opportunity to work with other parents to support the CCLC in various ways. The CCLC values the parent perspectives of children attending, and the CCLC FC is provided with the opportunity to contribute to decision making and policies at the CCLC. The CCLC FC also organizes family events and fundraising initiatives that take place during the year that benefit the CCLC. We recently held a silent auction where we worked as a team to organize a successful event that raised funds that will help support the development of a naturalized outdoor learning space at the CCLC. As we are all very busy parents, the commitment to join CCLC FC is not too overbearing, you can become as involved as you would like to be, and meetings are only held once a month (during childcare times). - Susan Bartko-Winters

Seeing my children have such an amazing time at the CCLC made me feel so grateful and I wanted in some way to be able to give back to the centre. Seeing the effort the staff put into helping shape my kids to be better prepared for when they entered “Big School” is infectious and at the same time being on CCLC FC helped me feel even a bit closer to the kids. I’ve seen such huge development growth in both our children and if being a part of CCLC Family Collaborative at the Centre has helped out the staff a bit it’s the least I could do for all they’ve done for the kids. It’s been great getting to connect with other parents and work through some issues we’ve seen and offer thoughts or ideas that can make it smoother for other incoming parents and families that have been at the centre for a couple years as well. In the past couple of years we’ve seen an increase in parents volunteering in CCLC FC and the teamwork and initiative shown from the members has only helped build on some events that were pretty awesome to begin with. Our Spring silent auction, babysitting nights throughout the year, summer family BBQ, and other events help build the sense of community that many families almost immediately feel when coming to the CCLC. We continue to strive to find new ways to improve the atmosphere and excitement around the centre and it’s through the commitment and dedication of our parents that help make it feel that little bit more special - Andrew G.