Inclement Weather

In the event of a winter storm or other inclement weather the Child Care and Learning Centre will follow the University of Guelph's procedures:

HAZARDOUS WEATHER/ EMERGENCY CLOSING PROCEDURES: The authority and responsibility for closing the University rests with the President or designate. Although procedures have been developed primarily for closings as a result of hazardous weather conditions, they will also be followed in the event of any other conditions that require the closing or evacuation of the University.

While every effort will be made to conduct thorough consultations before a closing decision is made, where hazardous weather conditions or other emergency circumstances pose an obvious risk to public safety, some consultations provided in this policy may be eliminated in the interest of a speedy and efficient closing decision.

Whenever possible, if a decision is to be made about closing before normal business hours, every effort will be made to render a judgment on the matter by 6:30 a.m.. to allow public communication of the decision by 7:00 a.m.. If the University must close during normal business hours, every effort will be made to communicate the decision so as to provide a one hour lead time to ensure the orderly cessation of operations. The Child Care Centre will be closed if the University of Guelph is closed. Full fee is required regardless of days missed due to illness, inclement weather, vacation, University (the week between Christmas and New Year) and statutory holidays. This applies to all children whether attending full-time or part-time. Parents may call into the Centre at 519-824-4120 ext. 52682 for updates.