Bachelor of Computing Co-op Work Term Reports

Co-op Work Term Report Guidelines

All co-op students must submit a Co-op Work Report at the conclusion of every 4-month work term or 8-month work term with the same employer in order to receive co-op certification.  Please refer to B. vi. of the Co-op Policy Agreement for specific details on Co-op Work Report requirements.

The report is in the form of a website or blog, and you should keep adding to it as you gain co-op experience. It is a portfolio of your capabilities and experiences. Please send the URL of your report by email to:

Web Pages: Style
Create a nice, clean website. Unless you can do better, using a framework such as Bootstrap or a template in WordPress or Blogger is highly recommended. Test your website on a variety of browsers and operating systems to make sure it looks good and nothing breaks.

Web Pages: Content
The website should reflect on aspects of your work term experience, highlighting what you did and what you learned, including referencing your goals/learning outcomes and reflections. Please review the Elements of Work Term Report below.