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Sport and Event Management Co-op Student Information

About The Program

Sport and Event Management students integrate business acumen with a strong focus on sports and event management practices in an evolving global environment. You will have opportunity to demonstrate your ability to work in teams, think critically to solve complex business problems and incorporate knowledge of corporate social responsibility issues and operations into decision making to succeed in this program. The sport and events industry is rapidly growing and this trend is likely to continue in the future as is the need for business professionals with experience creating solutions to unique industry problems.

Why Co-op?

As a co-op student, you will gain relevant work experience, build professional networks, and develop essential transferrable skills that are essential for pursuing a career in sport and event management, all while getting paid and earning your university degree. Guelph’s co-op program is unique due to the exceptional level of support provided to students, including a co-op preparatory course, and a personal connection with a Co-op Coordinator to assist you during the employment process, and access to senior student mentors.

Course Sequencing








Acquired Knowledge & Skills

Sport and Event Management co-op students exhibit strengths in the following key areas, developed through the combination of educational, extra-curricular and work experiences:


Demonstrate the ability to respond to a variety of sport and event industry stakeholder needs in an ethical and sustainable manner that supports the success of the business. Communicate effectively in a business context to a variety of audiences through (a) written documents; and, (b) oral communication.


Demonstrate the ability to conduct effective management techniques through planning, executing and evaluating sport and event-related operations.


Demonstrate competency in sport and event business knowledge and principles and understand core business functional knowledge and core concepts.

Sample Jobs

Sports Partnership Coordinator

This corporate position provides support for work-related sports events, planning, tracking employee usage, preparing reports and budgets. Coordinating sport project plans, sport sponsorship requests and overseeing timelines and deliverables are important aspects of this position. You will be required to support a centralized communication strategy by being an information hub for team members and other contacts, while also supporting senior management in day-to-day strategy, planning and administration.

Integrated Marketing Intern

This role will provide support to a marketing team with respect to sponsorship activation fulfillment, market research execution and an organization’s media utilization reporting. You will help prepare presentations for partner upsells, complete partner reports for capstone events and monitor and report on industry trends and social media engagement. This position also assists in the analysis of market research, sponsorship valuation analysis, and development of partner activation reports as well as plan, coordinate and execute various in-market events, both internal and external, to promote engagement between teams and a community where the team belongs.

Commercial Affairs and Branding Intern

In this role, you will analyze and evaluate sport and event brand usage and identify areas for improvement, while researching sport sponsorship properties and organizations for best practices as it relates to brand use policies and resources. You will be involved in brainstorming event ideas, designing and structuring new organizational brand use to reflect current brand management policies. Other tasks include overseeing and tracking external brand requests, as well as assisting with various marketing partner initiatives.


Sample Employers*

  • Canadian Tire
  • NHL
  • Live Nation
  • Right to Play
  • City of Guelph
  • Special Olympics
  • Canadian Olympic Committee
  • Perpetual Motion

*This shows a sample of recent co-op employers and will vary depending on employer recruitment needs. During a job search, students are encouraged to be actively engaged and are supported in establishing and maintaining their own personal contacts.

Salary Information

Students receive compensation from their employer for co-op work terms. The rate of pay will vary depending on a number of factors including the industry, the student’s program of study, and work term level. For your reference, a Co-operative Education Salary Guide is available on our website, which provides hourly rates (averages and ranges) for each degree program.