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This page contains important information for leaders of co-curricular activities recognized on the PCDR. Questions can be directed to

Information on this page:

PCDR Participant Agreement

The following is a reminder of the agreement that the Activity Leader agreed to in order to offer this experience on the PCDR. We strongly encourage you to review this agreement with all Activity Leaders and Validators annually.

To participate in the Professional and Career Development Record, activity leadership must agree to:

  • Represent the activity and available positions accurately.
  • Abide by all relevant University of Guelph policies  including, but not limited to, the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct, the Sexual Violence Policy.
  • Take active steps to reduce barriers that hinder participation of students.
  • Ensure students are completing required components of the position in good faith.
  • Inform the EL Hub of any significant changes to the activity or its associated positions.
  • Ensure that student participants are safe throughout the activity by following all relevant health, safety, and risk management policies and guidelines and Student Risk Management Policies & Procedures.
  • Commit to continuous improvement by participating in evaluation, assessment, and research activities identified by CELIC.
  • Actively promote the PCDR to their activity participants.
  • Where applications to join a position are present, the recruitment process must be conducted in fair and equitable manner.
  • Update activity information in Experience Guelph when requested.

In return, the EL Hub will:

  • Support the activity with developmental changes through consultation.
  • Work with the activity leadership to leverage Experience Guelph for recruitment, time tracking, and reflection processes.
  • Offer regular development opportunities for activity leaders to hone their skills as partners in learning.
  • Provide marketing support for recruitment and programming.
  • Support activity leadership in connecting with institutional processes such as risk management.

Communication of Changes

If you anticipate significant changes to this Activity, please notify the EL Hub ( as soon as possible to determine if the changes will impact PCDR eligibility. This is especially important if there are changes Activity Leadership (Leader or Validator).

Annual Validation Process

All students that participate in recognized co-curricular activities should have their participation validated by the Activity Validator(s) by no later than the end of April each year (e.g. end of April 2023 for the 2022/2023 academic year). How validation occurs depends on whether reflection and feedback is being tracked within Experience Guelph or externally by the activity.

Activities tracking reflection and feedback within Experience Guelph

Reminders will be sent from the EL Hub and Experience Guelph throughout the final months of each semester to remind students to complete their reflection, and for validators to provide their feedback.

Activities tracking reflection and feedback outside of Experience Guelph

It is the Activity Leader’s responsibility, in conjunction with the Activity Validator, to provide a list of all students that have completed all aspects of the experience as outlined in the proposal to the EL Hub by the last day of exams in each Winter semester.

Student lists must include:

  • At least one unique student identifier (student ID (preferred) or e-mail)
  • Full student name
  • Hours completed (if tracked)

Lists should be submitted online through the EL Hub's Co-curricular intake form.

Experience Profiles

  • Bayli graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in accounting. While she was here she engaged in multiple applied research projects, and worked as a teaching assistant, which helped her make important connections with people across campus.