Proposing a Co-Curricular Activity for PCDR Inclusion

This page provides information for co-curricular activity leader's interested in having associated positions formally recognized on the University of Guelph’s Professional and Career Development Record (PCDR).

Proposal Form

Please complete a Proposal Inquiry form and a member of the EL Hub will be in touch.

Proposal Process

  1. Submit completed proposal forms to the EL Hub (
  2. EL Hub reviews proposal for preliminary edits and recommendations.
  3. Co-curricular Experiential Learning Integrity Committee (CELIC) reviews proposal.
  4. Results communicated to activity leader with next steps.

The purpose of the proposal processes is to help your activity be the best it can be. Our fantastic Co-curricular Experiential Learning Integrity Committee, made up of 23 members from across campus, reviews each proposal to ensure they meet the standards laid out in the Co-curricular Experiential Learning Activity Inclusion Criteria.

As CELIC’s role is primarily developmental in nature, it will provide advisement to you on ways to strengthen your activities and make connections to networks and/or resources wherever possible. Further, CELIC can provide advisement on potential validators if your proposal has strong potential but is struggling to secure one.

CELIC also establishes the review period for activities. During a review, the activity would receive support from the EL Hub and other campus mentors in reflecting on the activity’s strengths and areas for development in the spirit of continuous improvement. The nature of this review process is to support the development of activities and their leadership, as well as the sustainability of activities and the often-vital services and programs they offer to students and the community.

We’re Here to Help

The Experiential Learning Development and Recognition Team in the EL Hub is here to help you along the way. Here’s a list of ways to get support with your proposal:

Experience Profiles