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Empidoidea Higher Classification

Checklist of Dolichopodidae s.str. of America North of Mexico

Scott E. Brooks, Jeffrey M. Cumming and Marc A.A. Pollet

This checklist is based on the recent catalog by Pollet, Brooks and Cumming (2004), and comprises a list of genera and species and their synonyms, arranged by subfamily, of the Dolichopodidae s.str. of America north of Mexico. The catalog by Pollet et al. (2004) also includes complete nomenclatural information, species distributions, type depositories and localities, notes on the distribution, biology, and ecology of genera, lists of keys and revisions, 480 references, an index to the over 1800 included names, as well as other information. Hardcopies of the catalog are available from the authors upon request.

The purpose of this checklist is to provide a current online list of the dolichopodid fauna of America north of Mexico that can be regularly updated as new taxa and changes in classification are published. Changes from the 2004 catalog are depicted in orange text.

This checklist records 57 genera, 1291 species and 3 subspecies of Dolichopodidae s.str. in America north of Mexico.

Please direct all comments, corrections and questions to S.E. Brooks.

View the PDF file of the Dolichopodidae Checklist

This Checklist can be cited as follows:
Brooks, S.E., Cumming, J.M. and Pollet, M.A.A. 2005. Checklist of the Dolichopodidae s.str. (Diptera) of America north of Mexico (1st Edition). PDF document, 18 pp.
Available from: http://www.nadsdiptera.org/Doid/Checklist/Dolichopodidae Checklist.pdf (accessed [insert date accessed]).


Pollet, M.A.A., Brooks, S.E. and Cumming, J.M. 2004. Catalog of the Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of America north of Mexico. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 283: 114 pp.

First published on the Internet on 18 November 2005
J.M. Cumming and S.E. Brooks