Café Philosophique Presents David Suzuki and Jeff Rubin

October 09, 2012 - Campus Bulletin

University of Guelph geography professor Evan Fraser will host a surprising meeting of the minds when environmentalist David Suzuki and former bank economist Jeff Rubin discuss climate change and a sustainable future at Lakeside Hope House (formerly Norfolk United Church) Oct. 16.

“I can’t think of a better pair of experts to tackle the issue of sustainability,” said Fraser. “Despite their different backgrounds, David and Jeff both call for economic affairs to cease overriding our concern for the environment. I am delighted to be hosting what promises to be a lively and informative session between two of Canada’s stars as they discuss the state of modern society and the future we all may share.”

The event is part of Café Philosophique, a lecture series sponsored by the College of Arts along with the Bookshelf downtown, and one of the stops in cross-country talks by Suzuki and Rubin dubbed “The End of Growth Tour.”

Rubin looks at climate change and sustainability from an economic viewpoint, while Suzuki approaches the subject from an ecological standpoint. After meeting this year in Vancouver, they recognized their shared goals and decided to collaborate.

“The challenge with climate change is not how can we afford to reduce emissions but how can we construct an economy that lives within the confines of nature’s boundaries,” said Suzuki. “The only thing we can change is what we create ourselves, and the only thing we can manage is our own species. I’m looking forward to exploring these issues with Jeff Rubin, one of Canada’s most respected economic thinkers.”

Said Rubin, “I am thrilled to be going on tour with David Suzuki, an icon to Canadians over the last four decades. This tour is a great opportunity to share my message with a whole new audience at a time when it has never seemed more urgent to recognize the limits to growth and what sustainability really means for our economy. Sustainability isn’t just an abstract notion. It is the governing idea behind the kind of economy we need to foster.”

Tickets are available at the Bookshelf or at the door. Proceeds go to the David Suzuki Foundation.

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