Campus Master Plan Goes to Board of Governors

January 18, 2013 - Campus Bulletin

A year-long review of the University’s Campus Master Plan (CMP) has produced a two-part document that could guide U of G initiatives in the coming years if approved by the Board of Governors.

Posted at, CMP Volume 1 presents an overall vision for the University community to follow as the campus grows and evolves over time. CMP Volume 2 provides specific guidelines that will serve as decision-making tools for campus planners and administrators.

This master plan update is one of several reviews completed since the University’s original Campus Master Plan was completed in 1964. The process was administered by Urban Strategies, consultants who worked with U of G’s master plan steering committee.

The committee included representatives from academic, administrative and student groups, and was chaired by Kevin Golding, chair of the physical resources and property committee of the Board of Governors. The document will be reviewed by the Board on Jan. 30.

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