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March 14, 2014 - In the News

A column written by geography professor Evan Fraser about potential food shortages was published Thursday on CNN.com. The piece mentions drought in the Middle East, the effect of the escalating Ukraine crisis on that country’s ability to export wheat and a United Nations report that said food prices have increased by 2.6 per cent since January. Fraser said protests over food prices can have political and economic impacts. He studies food security, land use, and global environmental and economic change.

Prof. Adam Sneyd, Political Science, and Lauren Sneyd, a geography PhD candidate, wrote an op-ed for Think Africa Press on how international retailers selling food in Africa might threaten local shops and small and medium-sized enterprises. The pair has studied economic growth resulting from small and mid-sized businesses in Cameroon. They said that, although this model might be disrupted, food retailing could also drive African development.

Prof. Monique Deveaux, Philosophy, was the lead author of an op-ed published this week in the National Post on key proposals in the Fair Election Act currently under debate in Ottawa. More than 150 professors at Canadian universities who teach and study principles and practices of constitutional democracies also signed the letter, sent to Members of Parliament. The signatories expressed concerns about some of the proposals and urged the government to consult further on the bill.

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