Past, Present Leaders Celebrate University Milestones

May 08, 2014 - Campus Bulletin

Former University of Guelph leaders gathered on campus today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University’s incorporation and the first meeting of its Board of Governors.

Past presidents Bill Winegard and Mordechai Rozanski were joined by Howard Clark and Iain Campbell, both formerly provost and vice-president (academic); Larry Milligan and Alan Wildeman, former vice-presidents (research); Nancy Sullivan, former vice-president (finance and administration; Pamela Wallin, former chancellor; and Ken Murray and Douglas Derry, former B of G chairs, for an anniversary luncheon in Creelman Hall.

Attendees Attendees included former and current B of G members and administrators. Dick Freeborough, current Board chair, welcomed guests, and the speaker was Terry Crowley, University professor emeritus and U of G historian.

“It was the perfect way to mark this historic occasion,” said president Alastair Summerlee.

“A golden anniversary is a time to reflect on past achievements and to consider what opportunities the next half century might bring, and what better way to do that than to bring back some of the University’s most effective and successful leaders.”

On May 8, 1964, then-premier John Robarts moved first reading of an act in the Ontario legislature to incorporate U of G. At the same time, J.D. MacLachlan, U of G president, was opening the first meeting of the Board of Governors.

“But our reputation for exceptional teaching and research actually dates back more than 150 years,” Summerlee sad. U of G was formed by merging three colleges, each with its own long history.

“From the beginning, U of G was a different sort of place,” Summerlee said, adding that respecting and appreciating this history is what distinguishes Guelph.

“We’ve spent 50 years building on a foundation of quality, and we’ve emerged as a leader not only in teaching and research but also in using our knowledge and innovations to improve life for people around the world.”

Anniversary celebrations will continue through June, including:

  • A student-organized history exhibit at the Guelph Civic Museum;
  • Conversat Ball June 21, reviving a Guelph tradition with food and entertainment across campus; and
  • An event recognizing U of G’s many gardens for Canada's Garden Day June 13.

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