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X--Degree Programs


Department of Microbiology, College of Biological Science.

Microbiology programs are designed to give students a good understanding of microorganisms, including their diversity, physiology, genetics and ecology, and to provide the basis for further work with microbes in medicine, agriculture, industry and the environment. Students can take either the specialized honours or major program in Microbiology, or combine the minor with another subject.

Specialized Honours

In the specialized honours program, students undertake an independent research project during semesters 7 and 8 (courses 65-4311:2 and 65-4321:2; 4 course equivalents). The other course work in the program is as described for the major microbiology program plus 89-205 and 1 additional microbiology elective. Students can enter the specialization at the completion of semester 6 if they have a minimum 70% average in science subjects.


Semester 1

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100, 92-102.
19-104 General Chemistry I
63-108 Elements of Calculus I
76-107 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I
One elective.

Semester 2

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100, 92-102.
19-105 General Chemistry II
76-108 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences II
One of:
27-120 Introduction to Computing
27-150 Introduction to Programming
63-208 Elements of Calculus II
One elective.

Semester 3

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100, 92-102.
19-258 Introductory Biochemistry
40-200 Introductory Genetics
89-204 Statistics I
One elective.

Semester 4

15-221 Introductory Cell Biology
40-202 Introductory Molecular Biology
65-203 Microbial Growth
Two electives. (89-205 should be selected for the specialized honours program.)

Semester 5

19-356 Structure and Function in Biochemistry
65-312 Systematic Bacteriology
65-323 Immunology I
65-325 Microbial Design
Two electives.

Semester 6

17-320 Fungi
65-310 Microfungi
40-307 Bacterial Genetics
40-308 Bacterial Genetics
65-311 Techniques in Microbiology
65-326 Microbial Adaptation and Development
One elective.

Semester 7

65-412 Virology
Four electives.
65-412 Virology
65-4311:2 Research Project I
Two electives.

Semester 8

65-429 Microbial Ecology
Four electives.
65-429 Microbial Ecology
65-4321:2 Research Project II
Two electives.

Restricted Electives

Of the 16 elective courses throughout the program, at least 5 must be from the Arts and Social Sciences. For the specialized program, one must be 89-205 and 2 must be selected from the list that follows. For the major, three must be selected from the list and at least 4 others must be from science programs. (See exception for students taking a minor in an Arts or Social Science subject.) Students in the major program should ensure that at least 2 of the electives are 400 level science courses.

19-454 Enzymology
19-458 Membrane Biochemistry
42-323 Food Microbiology
42-326 Industrial Microbiology
65-322 Plant Microbiology
65-401 Pathogenic Bacteriology
65-414 Soil Microbiology and Biotechnology
65-418 Microbial Processes in Environmental Management
65-423 Immunology II
65-424 Topics in Microbiology
65-426 Microbial Technology
65-443 Medical Virology


The minor in Microbiology consists of the following 10 courses:

  1. 19-356, 40-202, 65-100, 65-203, 65-325, 65-326;
  2. and 2 courses from40-307 or 40-308 or 40-408 or 40-409, 65-310, 65-311, 65-312, 65-323;
  3. and 2 courses from65-401, 65-412, 65-423, 65-426, 65-429.

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science - B.Sc.

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