ENGG*3490 Introduction to Mechatronic Systems Design W (3-2) [0.75]
This course covers the design of mechatronic systems, which are synergistic, combinations of components and controls drawn from mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer engineering. The course covers the following areas: (1) modeling of mechatronic systems (mechanical, electrical/electronic systems) and understanding their behaviour, (2) sensing and measurement including a variety of mechatronics sensors (fundamentals and applications), (3) actuators specific to mechatronics including motors and drivers (fundamentals and applications), (4) basic microcontroller programming as well as sensor/actuator integrations, and (5) control and its applications in mechatronics.
Prerequisite(s): ENGG*2340, ENGG*2450
Co-requisite(s): ENGG*3410
Department(s): School of Engineering