PSYC*3240 Independent Research Project S,F,W (0-6) [0.50]
This course provides individual students with hands-on experience conducting a research project. Students are supervised directly by a faculty member as they conduct an in-depth investigation of a specific topic within psychology. Typically, the course involves both the practice and reporting of research. Through this experience students will develop a broader appreciation of the relations between knowledge, theory and research while acquiring basic skills in research methodologies and modes of inquiry. In addition, students will develop their written and oral communication skills (e.g., integration of relevant literature, reporting of research). Course registration requires the signature of the Psychology Academic Manager. This signature is contingent upon the student demonstrating they have obtained a faculty supervisor's signature and satisfy the course prerequisites. Please see the Psychology department website for more information.
Prerequisite(s): 2.50 credits in Psychology including PSYC*2360
Equate(s): PSYC*3900
Restriction(s): A minimum grade point average of 75% in Psychology courses. Instructor consent required.
Department(s): Department of Psychology