There are important changes to course selection procedures for Fall 2018

Course Selection – Summer & Fall 2018

Information for Undergraduate Students about Fall 2018 Course Selection

The two emails below were sent to all currently registered undergraduate students on the Guelph campus (excluding Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students) with information about important changes to Fall 2018 course selection. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Email sent on April 4, 2018:

Dear Undergraduate Guelph Campus Student,

Further to the email with the subject line "Improvements to Course Selection" sent to you on February 13th, we are writing to update you on the changes we are making to Fall 2018 course enrolment and to suggest a few steps for you to take prior to leaving campus at the end of the semester.


Course enrolment windows will open to current students beginning on June 18, 2018. Enrolment windows will open based on number of credits completed and in progress, from highest to lowest. Further details will be communicated to students in May via our course selection information webpage and email.


  1. Choose your courses. The Fall 2018 course timetable is now available on WebAdvisor. Review your program requirements for the fall semester by consulting the appropriate Academic Calendar or running your Academic Evaluation on WebAdvisor.
  2. Once you have selected your courses, add them to your Preferred Sections on WebAdvisor in preparation for your course enrolment window date and time in June.
  3. Contact your Program Counsellor or Faculty Advisor, only if you need advice about course selection or if you require their signature on a course waiver form.
  4. Contact the Course Instructor, if you require their signature on a course waiver form in order to enrol in a course (e.g. the course prerequisite is listed as "Instructor consent is required"). If the instructor is "TBA" on WebAdvisor, consult the appropriate department's undergraduate office. (Tip: the department offering the course is listed in the course description found in the Academic Calendar. You can access the course description directly on WebAdvisor by clicking on the "Section Name and Title" in your section search results.)
  5. Submit any course waiver forms required to our office by dropping them off in person to the Enrolment Services counter on Level 3 of the University Centre during our office hours or by scanning and emailing the form to at any time.


Best wishes as you complete the Winter 2018 semester and plan for Fall 2018 course selection.

Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services University Centre, Level 3

Office hours


Email sent on February 13, 2018:

Dear Undergraduate Guelph Campus Student,

The Office of Registrarial Services is improving course selection. We are making various changes that will allow you more time to better plan your schedules and ensure a more equitable and consistent approach to course selection windows.

First, course selection for fall 2018 will begin in June instead of March. This will allow you to complete your winter semester before you are asked to select your fall courses. As well, you will not have to worry about planning your fall schedule and enrolling in courses while completing winter midterms and assignments.

Course selection for students planning to take summer 2018 semester courses will begin March 5.

Other improvements we are considering include leaving course selection open from the time it opens in June until the end of the add period in September and improving the priority order for accessing course selection windows.

More information about these and other changes will be forthcoming, so please look for subsequent emails from our office and consult our course enrolment information website regularly:


Ray Darling
University Registrar

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated April 4, 2018

Did you consult students before making these changes?

The changes to Fall course selection have been introduced to address the significant number of complaints and suggestions we have heard over the years from students and families at course enrolment time. We also received feedback from Program Counsellors and Associate Deans, Academic of each college as well as many other university staff.

The March course selection period for Fall courses was initially put in place before WebAdvisor was available, when course selection was a paper-based process. Changing the course selection period reflects the University’s move from paper to electronic, and the new timing is consistent with Fall course selection at the majority of other Ontario institutions.

There are numerous benefits to moving the Fall course selection period from March to June. It will give students more time to plan their Fall schedule, without the stress of winter midterms and assignments. They will be able to add or drop courses throughout the summer, as they make those decisions, instead of having to wait until the August add period. In addition, the Confirmation of Enrolment process can be completed earlier and more accurately, and the University can adjust their resources based on more gradual changes in course enrolment.

How am I going to get course waiver forms completed with the signature I need in June when I am home for the summer? Do I have to come back to campus?

The Fall 2018 course offerings are now available on WebAdvisor so you can determine in advance if you will need to submit Course Waiver Request forms for Fall course selection. If waivers are required, you can obtain the necessary signatures and drop off the forms to Enrolment Services (UC Level 3) before you leave campus in April. Alternatively, you can email your waivers to at any time during the summer.

My work schedule will make it difficult to select courses during the summer OR I will not have internet access due to work or a field course. How will I select my courses before my preferred sections fill up?

Fall course enrolment windows will begin opening on June 18. The specific day that each window will open will be announced well in advance to provide students with sufficient time to plan for the start of their course selection window. If you have already selected your preferred sections on WebAdvisor, you should only need a few minutes of internet connectivity to complete the course enrolment process once your enrolment window is open. It is important to note that you are not required to enrol on your exact start date/time, although you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible after your course selection window has opened.

There will never be a perfect date and time for the entire student population. 8 a.m. on a school day in March was difficult for students travelling to campus for class, studying for midterms, working part-time, working full-time in a co-op position, or training as a varsity athlete.

When will I be able to see what courses will be offered in the Fall?

The Fall 2018 course offerings are now available on WebAdvisor.

How will this affect Fall course selection for graduate students?

The Fall course selection period for graduate students will not change. It will begin Monday, June 4.

When can newly admitted students start selecting Fall 2018 courses?

Once you accept your offer and receive your Central Login information, you can start selecting courses as early as May 14.

I have an outstanding balance on my student account. Will this affect my ability to select Fall courses?

If you are an undergraduate student, an outstanding balance will cause you to be placed on academic/financial sanction. Academic sanction will prevent you from seeing your final grades, obtaining a transcript and selecting Fall semester courses. Your student account balance must be zero before you can select Fall courses. You are also required to pay the $200 Registration Deposit by August 10 to hold your courses. To maintain registration in your selected courses, you will need to pay your Fall account in full (or make an arrangement for payment with Student Financial Services) by September 14.

I'm graduating in June but would like to take an additional course in the Fall. What do I do?

You must apply for readmission as a non-degree student by May 1 and pay the appropriate fee. Read more about the readmission process.

When can I see what Summer 2018 courses are available and when can I select Summer 2018 courses?

Summer 2018 course offerings are posted on WebAdvisor. The initial course selection period for Summer 2018 was from March 5 to March 26 for graduate, undergraduate and diploma students (on the Guelph campus). The add period for graduate students began Monday, April 2 and the undergraduate and associate diploma add period will begin on Monday, April 30. The add period will end Friday, May 18 for all students.

Where can I find more details about the priority order for accessing course selection windows?

Additional details will be posted here as they become available. We are working with the company who supports WebAdvisor to determine how many students the system can handle at one time for course selection. We are exploring alternative options to class level and ID number, which we have used in the past to establish course enrolment window openings. This will take some time and we thank you for your patience as we move through this process.

Summer 2018 Course Add Period

The Summer 2018 course add period has ended for Undergraduate & Associate Diploma students on the Guelph campus and all graduate students.

The Summer 2018 final examination schedule is available. You can view your final exam schedule for the courses in which you are registered by logging in to WebAdvisor>Students, selecting Class Schedule, selecting the appropriate term and clicking on Exam Schedule Grid.

WebAdvisor Information & Helpful Links

WebAdvisor Help is accessible anytime by clicking on Help in the orange menu bar at the top of the page. WebAdvisor support is available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. For additional assistance questions can be submitted in the Ask Gryph question field.

If you are an undergraduate or associate diploma student and you have questions about your program and/or the courses you should be taking, please refer to Chapter VII, Academic Advising, in the Undergraduate Calendar or the Diploma Calendar.

Listed below are some websites that you may find helpful when planning your course selection:

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