Welcome to the University of Guelph!

The Registration Guide for New Students will help you prepare for your first semester as a University of Guelph student.
It includes details about how to select courses and pay your fees, and who to contact with your questions.


Selecting your courses for the fall

New students can enrol in courses from July 23 to September 18, 2020.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, your required courses for the Fall 2020 semester will not involve any face-to-face instruction. Courses will be delivered in an alternative delivery format through CourseLink and other online platforms. For more details about these alternative delivery formats and for information about how to determine the format of a course when searching for courses on WebAdvisor, visit the Fall 2020 Courses webpage.

Interested in part-time studies?

Students have the option of taking a reduced course load, with the exception of Co-op students. If you enrol in fewer than 2.00 credits, you will automatically be considered a part-time student. (Note: most courses are 0.50 credits each.)

Before deciding to go part-time, we recommend you do the following:

Here’s how to enrol in courses:

A Few Ideas:

Consider enrolling in a First-Year Seminar UNIV*1200 (if it fits in your schedule)

First-Year Seminars are engaging, stimulating courses open to first-year students ONLY, and limited to 18 students! They are electives and can be used as an Arts or Science credit. Led by University professors, staff and some community members, topics range from human sexuality to climate change, from science to communication, from human rights to animal rights. Each seminar is developed to be interdisciplinary and is meant to be unique and not something you would be taking as part of your regular program.

There are a limited number of these courses offered each semester, with just 18 spots available in each one, so enrol early! Please note that First-Year Seminars are not required courses and they may not fit in your schedule depending on your program’s required courses, which are outlined in this guide.

Take a look at the specific course descriptions and learn more about the unique learning experience offered by these seminars.

Check out the Undergraduate Calendar

The University’s Undergraduate Calendar contains information you will need as a University of Guelph student.

The following chapters are helpful:

  • I. Statement of Students' Academic Responsibilities
  • III. Schedule of Dates
  • VII. Academic Advising
  • VIII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures
  • IX. Scholarships and Other Awards
  • X. Degree Programs
  • XII. Course Descriptions