Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Welcome to the Bachelor of Engineering degree program! We are excited to welcome you to the University of Guelph! You are strongly encouraged to attend the Program Meeting during Orientation Week to help you better understand your program.


Selecting your courses for Semester 1 (Fall 2024):

As a Bachelor of Engineering student, you select five courses (2.75 credits) in Semester 1. All engineering students are required to take the following four courses in Semester 1:

  • CHEM*1040 General Chemistry I (0.50 credits)
  • ENGG*1100 Engineering and Design I (0.75 credits)
  • MATH*1200 Calculus I (0.50 credits)
  • PHYS*1130 Physics with Applications (0.50 credits)

The fifth course depends on the Engineering Major to which you were admitted:

  • Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering students select ENGG*1500 Engineering Analysis (0.50 credits)
  • Computer Engineering and Engineering Systems and Computing students select ENGG*1410 Introductory Programming for Engineers (0.50 credits)
  • Mechanical Engineering students select CIS*1500 Introduction to Programming (0.50 credits)
  • If you are an Undeclared First Year Entry, select either ENGG*1410 Introductory Programming for Engineers (0.50 credits) if you are planning on declaring in the Computer Engineering or Engineering Systems and Computing programs or CIS*1500 Introduction to Programming (0.50 credits) if you are declaring one of the other engineering disciplines (Biological, Biomedical, Mechanical, Environmental or Water Resources). If you are still unsure, select ENGG*1410. Be aware that prior programming knowledge is recommended for ENGG*1410.

Advising Notes:

  • Review the 2024/2025 Program Guide for your major. You will find your degree laid out by semester in addition to elective lists and course sequencing maps.
  • Multiple course sections provide students with different time slot options. We strongly recommend that you select your courses as soon as possible, as popular time slots for course sections will fill up quickly. Select courses that are more limiting (e.g., courses which have only one lecture time) first and build the rest of your schedule around those times.
  • Should you find that all sections of a required course are full, please contact your Program Counsellor (contact information provided below).
  • You can find registration information for first-year courses on our first year engineering webpage.
  • As you make your class schedule, ensure there are no overlapping lectures or labs in your timetable. If this happens, select a different course section to resolve the time slot overlap. Please contact your Program Counsellor if you need help.
  • For information about the Co-operative Education program, including requirements for students enrolled in Co-op and what to do if you're interested in applying for the program, visit the Co-operative Education page.

For additional information and academic counselling please contact:

B.Eng. Program Counselling Office
Thornbrough Building
(519) 824-4120, ext. 56572
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