Bachelor of One Health (BOH)

Welcome to the first incoming class of the Bachelor of One Health degree!

You will only be selecting courses for the Fall 2022 semester (Semester 1) at this time.

BOH students will declare one of four Areas of Emphasis by the end of your first year. The Areas of Emphasis include:

  1. Disease, Complexity and Health (DCH)
  2. Environment, Food and Health (EFH)
  3. Policy, Economics and Health (PEH)
  4. Culture, Society and Health (CSH)

You do not need to declare an Area of Emphasis at this point, but one of the courses you select for the Fall semester will help you to explore and gain the necessary pre-requisite courses for the Areas of Emphasis.

If you are unsure which Area of Emphasis you wish to pursue, students can select the DCH or EFH course in the fall semester followed by one of the PEH or CSH courses in the winter semester. This will allow for maximum flexibility and choice following your first year of study. You can find out more about each of the Areas of Emphasis on the Bachelor of One Health (Major) website.


Picking your courses for Semester 1 (Fall 2022):

As a BOH student, you will normally select 2.5 credits (five courses) in your first semester. All students, regardless of the Area of Emphasis, should select the following four courses (2.0 credits):

  • ANTH*1120 Biological Anthropology
  • BIOL*1090 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • GEOG*1220 Human Impact on the Environment
  • One of:
    BIOL*1080 Biological Concepts of Health
    ONEH*1000 Introduction to One Health

If you intend to pursue the DCH or EFH Area of Emphasis, select:

  • CHEM*1040 General Chemistry I

If you intend to pursue the PEH or CSH Area of Emphasis, select one of:

  • ECON*1050 Introductory Microeconomics
    PSYC*1000 Introduction to Psychology


Advising Notes:

  • It is important that you select your courses using WebAdvisor as soon as possible. Sections fill up quickly. Detailed instructions are available in the WebAdvisor Tutorial.
  • Check your class schedule to ensure that there are no conflicts, and the course registrations have taken place successfully.
  • For students who select ONEH*1000 in the fall semester, BIOL*1080 will be completed in the winter semester.
  • For information about the Co-operative Education program, including requirements for students enrolled in Co-op and what to do if you're interested in applying for the program, visit the Co-operative Education page.
  • If you experience difficulties, please contact the BOH Program Counsellor for assistance.


Contact Information

BOH Program Counsellor
Summerlee Science Complex, Room 1329
519-824-4120 Ext. 53788