Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Welcome to the Bachelor of Arts degree program!

Picking your courses for Semester 1 (Fall 2019):

As a Bachelor of Arts (BA) student, you should select five (5) courses for your first semester if you wish to study full time. You are selecting courses for your fall semester only. You will select courses for your winter semester in the fall.

Your 5 courses will be from the arts and/or social science subject areas with possibly one or two courses from other subject areas. Your courses for Fall 2019 will include:

  1. Courses that go towards your specialization (your chosen area of study). These are called “required courses.”
  2. Courses of interest that aren’t specifically required for your specialization area from the arts and social science subject areas. These are called “elective courses.”
  3. Possibly a science course (two of these courses are required for all BA students by the time they graduate). The science courses recommended for BA students are ones that do not require any high school science background.
  4. Perhaps a course of interest from an area outside the arts and social sciences. These are also called “elective courses.” (Please note that due to restrictions that may be in place, it may not be possible to register for certain courses in other subject areas.)

It is important to select the “required courses” for your chosen area of study first, then build the rest of your schedule around these courses. There may be only one course specifically required for your specialization in your first semester.

To find out which course(s) are required for your chosen specialization in Semester 1 (Fall 2019), please go to the Bachelor of Arts Counselling Office website and look under “First Year Course Selection.”

It is important that you look at this information to make certain you select the correct course(s) for your specialization area. For instance, there are two English courses offered in the fall semester: ENGL*1080 and ENGL*1200. A student pursuing English as their area of study requires ENGL*1080 but does not need to take ENGL*1200.

If you are a BA General Arts student who has been admitted without a declared specialization, choose the courses that interest you the most.

You will be registering for 1000 level (first year) courses during Semester 1 (Fall 2019). An exception to this may be language courses if you have background proficiency. If you believe you have advanced language skills in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek (Ancient), Italian, Latin, Portuguese or Spanish, please contact the School of Languages and Literatures for guidance on an appropriate course to take in Fall 2019 (519-824-4120, ext. 53883).

Select your courses from the following lists. Course descriptions are available in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Please do your best to try selecting courses on your own prior to contacting us. We are certainly here to assist you but we know you can do it!

For additional information please contact:

The BA Counselling Office
MacKinnon Building, Room 130
519-824-4120, ext. 52140