University of Guelph Email Address and Central Login Account

The University-issued email address is considered an official address and must be used for correspondence with the University. Students are responsible for monitoring their University-issued email account regularly. See the Undergraduate Calendar, Chapter I “Statement of Students' Academic Responsibilities” for more information. Students can access their University-issued email and WebAdvisor with their Central Login information.

Important Information About Your Central Login Account and U of G Email Address

  • Your Central Login Account and email address should be used for University purposes only. Please do not use it to sign up for external services – your access to your account will only remain for one year following the completion of your studies.
  • Your account requires the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA). You will be prompted to set up MFA the first time you access your email account. We strongly recommend the use of the Microsoft Authenticator App as your default additional authentication method.
  • Important note for first-time MFA set-up: You will encounter a check box during the MFA set-up process that says, “Allow my organization to manage my device.” This box must be unchecked. Instead, please choose, “No, sign in to this app only.” See the IT Help webpage for more information.
  • Change your password from the default as soon as possible. Ensure that it is unique and not used for other accounts.
  • We recommend that you sign up for Password Reset; it allows you to set security questions so that you can reset your password if you ever forget it. Please note that you MUST sign up for this service BEFORE you forget your password.
  • Protect your new account and the University by taking cyber security awareness training, available online in CourseLink.

Need More Information?

  • For more information on getting started with your new Central Login Account, Gryph Mail, MFA and other central IT services, please visit the Computing & Communications Services (CCS) Get Started page.
  • If you have questions about your Central Login Account or have other IT-related issues, you can contact the CCS Help Centre during regular business hours, and they will get back to you promptly. CCS is the University's central IT department and provides free IT help for all students.

Please note that some of these links will require you to sign in with your new Central Login Account.