Bachelor of Computing (B.Comp.)

Welcome to the Bachelor of Computing degree program! We are excited to welcome you to the University of Guelph.


Picking your courses for Semester 1 (Fall 2024):

As a B.Comp. student in Semester 1 you will select five courses (2.50 credits). Your required courses for Semester 1 are listed below by major:


All B.Comp. students complete an Area of Application or a Minor as part of the Honours program. An Area of Application consists of at least 4.00 credits (8 courses) as part of a minor. Minors are described in the B.Comp. degree program section of the Undergraduate Calendar. If you need help declaring a minor, please contact your Program Counsellor.

Should you find that all sections of a required course are full, please check our website for updates, then contact your Program Counsellor:  

Advising Notes:

  • Review the Schedule of Studies (the order in which you are advised to take courses). Go to the B.Comp. degree program section of the Undergraduate Calendar and click on your major. Here you will find your degree laid out by semester, with listings of courses that are available for selection throughout your studies.
  • It is strongly recommended that you select your courses as soon as possible as popular course sections fill up quickly.
  • You will use WebAdvisor to pick your courses. Detailed instructions on using WebAdvisor are available in the WebAdvisor Tutorial.
  • As you make your class schedule, ensure there are no conflicts between your class times and no conflicts between your final exams in your timetable.
  • For information about the Co-operative Education program, including requirements for students enrolled in Co-op and what to do if you're interested in applying for the program, visit the Co-operative Education page.

Course Selection Tips:

  • Select courses that are more limiting (e.g., courses which have one lecture time) first and build the rest of your schedule around those times.
  • Distance Education (called DE) courses are an alternative way to take courses without meeting for regularly scheduled classes. All course content is presented online. You will find DE course times listed in WebAdvisor as TBA.

For additional information and counselling please contact:

Course Selection Updates For B.Comp. Students