Co-operative Education

Welcome to the Co-operative Education program! We look forward to supporting your success over the next few years as you gain relevant work experience, build professional networks, and develop essential skills needed to succeed in the workplace.


Are you enrolled in Co-op?

You are required to:

  • remain full-time in your studies (a minimum of 2.0 credits per semester unless an approved accommodation plan has been implemented due to an accessibility-related reason or extenuating circumstance)
  • register for and pass COOP*1100 (Undergraduate co-op students) or COOP*1120 (Associate Diploma co-op students), a mandatory one-semester course that prepares you for the co-op job search and work terms
  • follow your Academic & Co-op Work Term Schedule as outlined in the Academic Calendar (Undergraduate Calendar or Associate Diploma Calendar target="_blank"), participate fully in the co-op employment and work term process, showing evidence of application activity, completion of all co-op work term components (Co-op Process)
  • International co-op students are required to apply for and secure a co-op work permit (study permits alone do not cover work terms)
  • Follow the Co-op Policy Agreement

Co-op fees are required for both Associate Diploma and Undergraduate co-op programs.

  • Associate Diploma co-op programs are charged the co-op academic fee for semesters 1 and 2 and are not charged a co-op work term fee during their work term.
  • Undergraduate degree programs are charged 8 co-op academic fees plus all registered co-op work terms.

See the Student Financial Services website for up-to-date fee information.

*Important note for Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management (DTM) students: Co-op is required for the DTM program. There is one co-op work term and four academic semesters.


Are you not currently enrolled in Co-op?

If you are interested in the Co-operative Education program, it is possible to apply once you have started your Undergraduate program. The deadline for application depends on your major.

Admission Requirements:

  • You are in first year of one of the Undergraduate programs that offers co-op.
  • You have a minimum of 70% or higher in your first-year courses.
  • You are taking a full-time course load each semester (a minimum of 2.0 credits unless an approved accommodation plan has been implemented due to an accessibility-related reason or extenuating circumstance).

Admission is competitive and is subject to space in the Co-op program to which you are applying.

For further information:

Experiential Learning Hub - Co-operative Education
(519) 824-4120, ext. 52323
Co-operative Education website