How to Use WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is the University's online registration system. The video below will guide you through the process of enrolling in courses on WebAdvisor. New students can enrol in Fall courses from July 23 to September 18, 2020.

Please note that this video tutorial does not contain information about alternative delivery formats for Fall 2020 courses. For more details about these alternative delivery formats and for information about how to determine the format of a course when searching for courses on WebAdvisor, visit the Fall 2020 Courses webpage.

If you discover that all available sections of a required course are temporarily full, please continue to monitor WebAdvisor, as it may take some time to request additional spaces be made available.

View the video in full screen (YouTube). A video transcript is available.

Logging into WebAdvisor:

You will require a Central Login Account in order to use WebAdvisor.

Logging in to WebAdvisor is quick and easy once you have your User ID and Password. Click on the “Log in” button in the upper right-hand corner of the welcome screen. Type your central login user ID into the “Central Login ID” field. Type your central login password into the “Central Login Password” field. Click the "Submit" button. You will now be brought back to the WebAdvisor welcome screen. Choose the student menu from the list on the right-hand side.

Note: If WebAdvisor is left open but not used for a certain amount of time it will automatically log you out. This is done for security reasons, in case you accidentally forget to log out when you finish using WebAdvisor but leave your web browser open, and to free up space for other users to log in to WebAdvisor. All you need to do is log in again when prompted to do so.

Why can't I log in to WebAdvisor?

Invalid password. If you are receiving the error message "You entered an invalid password. Please try again," first check to make sure you have entered your password correctly. If you have lost or forgotten your Central Login password, go to the Computing & Communications Services website.

Username not found in the registry. This message indicates that WebAdvisor was unable to identify you using the login information you provided. If you receive this message, try the following: check to ensure that you are using the correct user ID and password and that you have typed them correctly, check to make sure your “Caps Lock” is not on, and/or check to ensure that all the characters have been entered using the correct case.

Repeated Log-In. If you are constantly asked to log in each time you attempt to navigate through WebAdvisor and cannot register, you will need to delete your temporary internet files (clear your cache) and delete your cookies. To do this click on the "Tools" option in your internet browser menu. In the Tools menu select "internet options." From there delete all temporary internet files and cookies. Restart your computer and login to WebAdvisor again.

Potential errors that may occur during the registration process

Please note that you will not be able to register for course sections that are already full; they will be indicated in pink and have a status of “closed” in the search results of the “Search/Register for Sections” area of WebAdvisor. If your desired section is “closed,” select an open section that fits your schedule and then check WebAdvisor daily for availability in your desired section. Additional spaces are opened on a daily basis for some courses. Space will also become available if another student drops the course.

If you receive a message that says “XXXX*1234*01 — Registration in XXXX*1234*01 puts student in overload. Program Counsellor approval is required,” you have attempted to register for more than your allowed credit limit. Please refer to the Program Information page for your degree or diploma program in this guide to see how many courses you should be selecting. If you have reached the credit limit but still need to register for a required course, you will need to drop one of the non-required courses in your “Current Registrations” list. Please keep in mind that courses can be 0.50, 0.75 or 1.00 credits. For additional guidance, contact your Program Counsellor.

If you receive a message that says “XXXX*1234*0101 – Course XXXX*1234 prerequisites have not been started,” you have attempted to register for a course for which you do not have the appropriate prerequisites. You should only register for courses that you are eligible to take at this time. You will be eligible to take that course in a future semester, after completing the prerequisites. If you would like to request additional consideration, you can fill out a Course Waiver Request form (available on the Downloads page), which would require the instructor’s approval. This approval is not automatic, nor is it guaranteed.

Please also note that if there is a problem with your registration in any single section, you will not be registered in any of the sections for which you have set the “Action” to “Register." In other words, if you attempt to register for two or more sections at the same time and you do not meet the requirements for one of the sections, you will not be registered for any of the sections chosen even if you do qualify to register for them. If this occurs, register for the sections one at a time.

Only when the list entitled “The following registration request(s) have been processed” on the “Registration Results” screen indicates “Registered for this section” under the “Status” column to the left of the sections you have chosen, have you successfully registered for the section.

Please be aware that WebAdvisor does not prevent class schedule conflicts when you are selecting courses. Students need to confirm that there is no overlap among their lecture, lab and seminar times.