Student Planning Video Transcript – "My Progress" for undergraduate and diploma students

Welcome to the Student Planning informational series for the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus and University of Guelph-Humber. Student Planning is a self-serve system available to all U of G, Ridgetown and Guelph-Humber students who are actively enrolled in a program. It combines optional degree planning with intuitive course search tools and registration in a new, easy to navigate online environment. To assist both new and returning students, a series of training videos has been developed to help guide you through the most common features of Student Planning.

In this video, we will cover how to navigate the Student Planning “My Progress” page. My Progress provides a detailed view of your program’s course work completion requirements. My Progress also clearly displays up-to-date information of your personal academic progress within your program.

To get started, go to WebAdvisor and click on the Access WebAdvisor button. Enter your central login username and password if you are not yet signed in. Then, select Student Planning.

This brings us to the “Planning Overview” page. This page offers you a summarized view of your courses once you begin course planning or course registration within the current term. Also displayed is your enrolled program title. From the Planning Overview page select the My Progress option.

When you browse to My Progress, you see the general details of your enrolled program in the “At a Glance” section at the top of the page. These details include your overall cumulative GPA, total credits earned, the title of your degree or diploma, and the titles of your majors and minors, if applicable.

Within the requirements section of My Progress, you can see the detailed requirements for your degree or diploma, and specializations such as majors and minors, as it applies to your planned, in-progress and completed course work.

Status indicators and standard colour coding are applied to each requirement and its related course work details to make it easy to see what course work is still outstanding. You will find this standard colour coding throughout the Student Planning system.

The status of the requirement displays at the top of each section. For example, a fully completed requirement is displayed in green. A partially completed or not started requirement is displayed in red.  

Within each requirement are the course work details. At any time, you can click the Show Details option to expand the requirement and view the details. Course work details within a requirement also use colour coding to make the details easier to interpret. 

The status of an in-progress or completed course displays in green. The status of a course that you have planned to take but have not yet registered in is displayed in brown. The status of a course that you have not yet planned or registered for is displayed in red.

My Progress also acts as a course search tool. Each requirement offers a search feature and, when clicked, uses the Student Planning Course search to list all of the courses that meet the requirement. Additionally, you can click directly on the course name to search for the course.

At anytime you can click the Back to My Progress link to return to the My Progress page.

My Progress lets you see what your academic progress would look like if you were to change your major or degree/diploma program. Click the View a New Program button at the top of the page and, from the displayed list, select the program to which you want to apply your planned and completed course work. Information about adding or changing minors is not available through the View a New Program feature; see the academic calendar for requirements for minors.

If you are a University of Guelph student exploring a change to your major, please keep in mind that you will need to submit a Schedule of Studies change form and have it approved by your Program Counsellor to make the change official. You must apply to Admission Services if you are requesting a change to your degree or diploma program, such as Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Science.

If you are a University of Guelph-Humber student and you want to change your program, please submit an Application for Program Transfer. Please contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

Your personal My Progress details can be printed using the Print option located near the top of the My Progress page.

We hope that you are now familiar with the My Progress section of Student Planning, and we encourage you to continue to explore its helpful features. Watch our other Student Planning videos for more information about degree planning and course enrolment at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus and University of Guelph-Humber. If you have any questions, visit your campus's Student Planning website: