Confirming Enrolment

Confirmation of Enrolment Options

For details about the information provided in a Confirmation of Enrolment letter and how it compares to your WebAdvisor statement, view the Confirmation of Enrolment Options document. Contact your RESP provider if you have questions about required documentation.

A student who requires a letter confirming attendance at the University in a given semester should complete the Confirmation of Enrolment/Attendance Order Form. Students must be enrolled in courses (not just "planned") for the requested semester before a Confirmation of Enrolment/Attendance letter can be provided.

There is a $15 fee for Confirmation of Enrolment/Attendance letters. The fee will be added to your WebAdvisor student account once your letter has been processed.

Please note: Many financial institutions do not require a Confirmation of Enrolment letter to release RESP funds. In these cases, your semesterly statement provided on WebAdvisor is sufficient and a faster, free-of-charge option. To download the statement from WebAdvisor, go to Account View, select the semester and click on "View Statement" on the right.  Please check the Dates & Deadlines page on the Student Financial Services website to see when the statement will be posted for the semester.

If you are requesting a letter for a future semester, please note that credit information will not display in the specific semester section of the letter until you have registered for classes. 

Students needing a Verification of Enrolment form completed for a third party (such as an RESP fund manager for release of funds) should submit the online Confirmation of Enrolment/Attendance Order Form.

If you require the completion of a Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Declaration of Attendance at School or University, the following options are available:

  1. Bring the Declaration of Attendance form to the Lincoln Alexander Student Service Centre (The Linc) on the third floor of the University Centre. Visit The Linc's website for office hours and directions. There is no fee for this option.
  2. Mail the form to Enrolment Services (see our mailing address). Please sign the form and make sure your student number is on it. Include a note telling us the semester you require. If you would like us to mail the completed form directly to Service Canada, please include the self-addressed envelope provided to you by Service Canada. If you would like us to send it to a different address, please include an envelope with the address. There is no fee for this option.
  3. Submit the online Confirmation of Enrolment/Attendance Order Form and send the Confirmation of Enrolment letter to Service Canada along with the Declaration of Attendance form. There is a $15 fee for a Confirmation of Enrolment letter.

Enrolment Services is only able to complete this form beginning the first day of classes.

If you are a graduate student who requires a letter confirming their upcoming graduation from the University and you have not yet convocated, you can submit the request form and select Confirmation of Program Completion letter under "Type of letter requested." There is no fee for a Confirmation of Program Completion letter. Other students requiring confirmation of graduation/convocation (i.e., graduate students who have convocated and all undergraduate and diploma students) should refer to the Graduation Information webpage for instructions.

For more information, please contact Enrolment Services.