WebAdvisor is an online service that allows students access to course selection, their class schedule, unofficial grades, personalized financial information, as well as news and announcements.

WebAdvisor also offers staff and faculty access to the class roster, class schedule, and student transcripts.

Technical Support

Technical support for WebAdvisor is available via our WebAdvisor Tutorial website.

Change Password

If you need to or would like to change your password, please visit the CCS Change Password Page.

You might want to setup Password Insurance through CCS if you change your password or in case you think might forget your password. It makes password recovery a fairly straightforward process and can be done online.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your WebAdvisor password, please refer to the CCS Forgot Password page for help resetting it.

Forgotten Login, Email

Your login username for WebAdvisor is your Central Login ID, as offered by CCS. It is the same name as specified in your email address before the @uoguelph.ca. If you have forgotten what that is, please refer to CCSs Central Login Accounts page for help.

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