A transcript is an official document prepared by the Office of Registrarial Services recording a student's courses, grades, and degree designation. Students must have met all financial obligations to the University of Guelph before official transcripts can be released for any purpose.

Transcripts obtained using the Transcript portion of WebAdvisor for students are Unofficial Transcripts and may not be suitable for purposes such as employment applications or applications to graduate school. Official transcripts from the University of Guelph will show that a degree has been conferred only after the convocation ceremony.


By Fax or Mail

You may request your official transcript by filling out the Transcript Request form and faxing or mailing it in to the transcript office.

All of the necessary information follows the form. Requests received without your signature or payment information will not be processed.

In Person

Alternatively, you can come in person to Enrolment Services - 3rd Floor University Centre and order your transcript over the counter. Please take a look at our Contact Us page for hours and location. Payment is accepted by debit or cheque  (payable to "University of Guelph"). We cannot accept MasterCard or Visa payment at the front counter.

By Email

Please note: The University of Guelph does not accept transcript requests via email or email attachments.

Notice to Graduates

It is your responsibility to check your transcript carefully to verify the accuracy of your academic record and to ensure that there are no errors or omissions. Before contacting the University of Guelph to request an amendment to your transcript please review the following list of common queries.

  • For privacy reasons, student DOB will reflect only the month and day (MM/DD), not the year of birth.
  • The courses listed on your transcript may reflect a truncated version of the title listed in the calendar. As such, words may be shortened, brackets missing and lowercase letters used to accommodate character spacing. The University of Guelph is not able to amend these items on your transcript.
  • Courses are listed alphabetically by subject area.
  • Grade discrepancies must be addressed through the appropriate department and/or instructor in charge of the course.
  • Graduate students may direct inquiries, including errors and/or omissions in thesis titles to:

For all other inquiries, please email and attach a copy of your unofficial transcript indicating the items in question. Failure to notify the University of Guelph within 60 days of your graduation date constitutes agreement on your part that the record is accurate.

*** Please note that access to your U of G WebAdvisor account and your unofficial transcript displayed there will expire twelve months after graduation. ***


For further information or questions, please contact the transcript clerk via email at