Degree Change / Specialization Change

Specialization changes (i.e., major, minor, area of emphasis, calendar changes) are requested by submitting a Schedule of Studies Change Request form. Your request will be reviewed by your Program Counsellor and, when applicable, a departmental committee, and you will be notified of their decision.

Co-op changes: If you are a current co-op student requesting a change to your co-op major (with the exception of undeclared B.Sc.(Env.) and B.Sc.(Agr.) co-op students who are declaring their major) or a student requesting admission to a Co-operative Education program for a major other than your current one, please submit the Schedule of Studies Change Request Form for Co-op Students, along with the additional required forms, to Co-operative Education & Career Services at

If you are a co-op student who wants to withdraw from co-op and change your major, complete the withdrawal process with Co-operative Education & Career Services and then submit the Schedule of Studies Change Request form to request a change of major.