U of G’s Guarantee to an Accessible University Education

The University of Guelph is guided by its fundamental principle that all qualified individuals should be able to attend university regardless of their financial status.

The University has partnered with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to support access to post-secondary education for domestic students, through the Student Access Guarantee. The principles of the guarantee include the following:

  • a partnership with government aid programs and students
  • giving students in financial need access to the resources they require for their tuition, books and mandatory fees

The University of Guelph will guarantee that domestic students with unmet need, as determined by the Ministry’s Student Access Guarantee program, will be provided a bursary. In addition, students who are experiencing financial shortfalls above and beyond the Student Access Guarantee should apply for financial assistance by completing the University of Guelph's Financial Need Assessment form. We are proud of the innovative financial aid programs offered here; they are specifically designed to ensure an accessible education for students. These programs include scholarships, bursaries, travel grants, Work Study and Undergraduate Research Assistantships. We encourage students to seek out these programs and apply. All students who wish to apply to U of G financial aid programs are expected to have a complete and error-free government assistance application on file from their home province or territory (e.g., OSAP, StudentAidBC, etc.). Students must also be in good standing with their provincial/territorial student aid program and have no government funding restrictions.

Consult this list of important dates and review the instructions for paying your tuition and fees.

Ontario students: Read more about applying to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

Out-of-province students: Read more about out-of-province government assistance programs.

Students from the United States: Read more about U.S. student loan options.

International students: Read more about financial aid programs for international students.