Statement of Financial Responsibility

By registering for classes at the University of Guelph, students agree to pay all assessed tuition and fees as a result of this registration. Students are responsible to properly cancel, adjust or drop their registration by the end of the drop and add periods, in accordance with the Academic Calendars. Students understand that decisions with respect to any request for course withdrawals, tuition refunds, tuition adjustments, or other fees shall be made at the University of Guelph’s sole discretion and in accordance with the applicable University policies and procedures. Furthermore, students agree to pay any additional charges they may incur, including, but not limited to: charges for residence, meal plans, class materials, other departmental charges, penalties and late fees.

Students understand that it is their responsibility to verify their student financial account on a regular basis. Students understand that, regardless of their eligibility for financial aid, they are personally responsible for the full amount assessed to them as a result of their registration and will be held accountable to the University of Guelph's policies and procedures. Students understand that having an overdue balance on their student financial account may have both academic and non-academic consequences (financial sanction), including, without limitation, the withholding of their degree and/or transcripts of grades.