WebAdvisor's Account View

How to check your balance, understand the fees, monitor your payments and financial aid, and keep an eye out for important notifications.

View the video in full screen (YouTube). A video transcript is available.

After logging on to WebAdvisor, click on “Account View." You will see a notifications feature in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, beside the “Help” button. If you click on the number, you will see important announcements relevant to your account.

For example, if you have applied for OSAP, you will receive a notification when the University has confirmed your enrolment with the Ministry. If you’ve made an alternative arrangement to pay your fees (such as a financial arrangement or sponsorship), there will be a notification when it has been approved. For graduate students, a notification will appear when graduate settlement is complete.

Under "Account View", you’ll also see your “Account Summary”. It gives the overall balance of your account at the top, with the amount due and payment deadline, where applicable. It also shows the "Amount Overdue", which is your balance owing from previous semesters. The balance is then broken down by semester, including the current semester along with all previous ones.

You can click on “Account Activity” to view the charges and payments for the current semester, or you can click on any semester you want using the links on the left.

Don’t forget to also check out the helpful links to the right of your “Account Summary”!

On the "Account Activity" page for a certain semester, you will find a detailed breakdown of your charges, payments and financial aid. Each of these sections will expand to give you more details.

  • “Charges” includes tuition, compulsory fees, and residence and meal plan charges. You can click on each one for even more detail.
    • The “Tuition” section also shows your course timetable.
  • The “Payments” section shows all of the payments that you or the government (for example, OSAP) have made – your $200 registration deposit will show up here.
  • Under “Financial Aid”, you will see internal scholarships. For students who have applied for OSAP and are fully registered, this section will also include an estimate of OSAP funding (with the exception of Ridgetown students). Please note that this OSAP estimate only shows the amount requested to come to the University, not what may go to your bank account. Once your government funding arrives, it will show up in the Payments section.

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services.