Payments and Settlements

Important Notice: Student Financial Services will no longer be accepting in-person payments (including debit) for your student financial account. Please refer to the accepted payment methods below.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your payments are posted on your WebAdvisor account by the posted deadline. Allow sufficient processing time for your selected method of payment (more details in the links below).

Methods of Payment

  1. Internet Banking - Primary payment method
  2. PayMyTuition - Preferred payment method for international payments
  3. Convera - For international payments
  4. Money Orders, Certified Cheque, Bank Drafts
  5. Telephone Banking


  1. University of Guelph Scholarship Payment
  2. Graduate Settlement - graduate students only
  3. Paying with OSAP
  4. Paying with Financial Arrangement
  5. Sponsorships/Third Party Invoices
  6. External Scholarship Payment

Methods of Payment NOT ACCEPTED

  • Cash and debit
  • Non-certified cheques
  • Credit cards
  • The University of Guelph does not accept credit cards for the payment of tuition and other fees.  Any company or organization that offers the opportunity to pay fees by credit card is not associated with the University of Guelph.  If you choose to use such a service, you should be aware that:
    • You will remain responsible for all fees should for any reason the fee payment not be processed;
    • You will be paying a fee to the company over and above the University of Guelph’s fees;
    • You will be required to provide personal information, including your student number, to the company.
  • The University of Guelph does not encourage the use of third-party credit card payment services.


MPOWER is a private third-party international student loan lender in the United States who serves international students from anywhere in the world studying post-secondary in Canada. MPOWER is not affiliated with the University of Guelph. Funds received from MPOWER to a student account must stay on the student account and will not be refunded to the student except for a maximum amount of $2,000. Please see the international refund policy on how to receive a refund and conditions.

If the student does not stay registered, the funds will be returned to MPOWER.