Graduate Settlement

Graduate Students Only

Registration for each semester consists of payment in full or completion of the "Graduate Settlement" in WebAdvisor and academic registration by the deadline date.

Watch the video below for help with completing the Graduate Settlement.

View the video in full screen (YouTube). A video transcript is available.

The Graduate Settlement can be used only if you are settling your account with one of the following options:

  1. payroll deduction, with departmental approval
    (skip to the payroll deduction section of the video)
  2. awards (scholarships)
    (skip to the awards section of the video)
  3. sponsorship (third party invoicing)

If selecting "Payroll Deduction":

  • monitor both WebAdvisor, Account View and your Electronic Pay Statements; there should be a bi-weekly payment towards tuition as a result of a deduction to your pay
  • to view your student account, go to Account View for an overall balance and then click on the appropriate semester on the left for more details.
  • to view Electronic Pay Statements, go to the Human Resources website, click on the "Employee Self-Service" button and log in

If you are receiving OSAP and/or other government funding, and your student account is in a credit position at the time of Confirmation of Enrolment, your funding will be redirected to your personal bank account. If you are on payroll deduction, your OSAP funding will be applied to your student account and your payroll deductions will be adjusted accordingly.

Notify re changes to student account, i.e., new charge, early completion, withdrawal, termination of payroll, credit other than from payroll, etc.

Direct questions regarding student account to
Direct questions regarding payroll to your departmental administrative assistant

Submission deadline is the same as the academic registration deadline date. Please complete the "Graduate Settlement" each semester in WebAdvisor.