Dropping Courses or Withdrawing from a Semester

Students are financially responsible for all fees incurred by course registration. A student may drop a course or withdraw from all courses with no academic penalty within the period established each term as published in the Academic Calendar Schedule of Dates. However, withdrawals may have financial penalties; the portion of tuition and fees that is refunded will depend on the date of withdrawal and the refund schedule.

Students who drop one or more courses before the specified deadline date, and hold part-time registration status for the remainder of the semester, may receive a partial refund. Students who maintain full-time status (i.e. 2.00 credits and greater) after dropping a course do not qualify for a refund. For students with permanent disabilities, please refer to the tuition policy for students with permanent disabilities for details about course load, billing, and refunds.

Discontinuing attendance at classes, or notification to the instructor, does not constitute official withdrawal from a course or the University.

Please refer to the Statement of Financial Responsibility.

Basis for a Refund

Dropping of courses or withdrawal from a semester may create a credit on your account as per the following examples:

  1. Official withdrawal from all classes as per the approved refund schedule.
  2. Classification changes from full time (2.00 credits and greater) to part time (less than 2.00 credits) as per the approved refund schedule. This does not apply to students with permanent disabilities; please see the tuition policy for students with permanent disabilities.
  3. Part-time course load reduction as per the approved refund schedule, e.g. 1.50 credits to 1.00 credit or 1.50 credits to 0.5 credit.

Receiving a Refund

NEW! U of G has partnered with PayMyTuition to improve the refund process. If you have a credit on your WebAdvisor financial account, follow the steps below to receive your domestic refund (i.e., being deposited into a Canadian bank account) or international refund. Credits on student accounts will be automatically refunded throughout the semester. To expedite the refund, you can contact from your email account; include your full name and student ID number.

  1. Upon approval of your refund request, you will receive a confirmation email from PayMyTuition ( to notify you that the refund is on its way.
  2. PayMyTuition will initiate the steps to begin processing your payment request to be paid by Interac e-Transfer.
  3. Once completed, you will receive an email from Interac ( at your account stating you have received an e-Transfer for this refund.
  4. Please follow the instructions in the email from Interac, which will require you to enter a one-time refund authorization code to access your funds so the payment may be deposited. To retrieve this code, log into WebAdvisor, go to the “Students” page and click on “Refund Authorization Code” under “Financial Profile.” Make sure to copy the code exactly (i.e., case-sensitive, no spaces).
  5. When the code is entered for the e-Transfer, you will then select the bank account you wish to have the funds deposited into, and the payment will be complete.
    If you have auto-deposit set up with your banking institution, you will not need to retrieve a refund authorization code. You will immediately receive a second email from Interac indicating that your funds have been deposited.

If the e-Transfer is not accepted within 10 days, you will receive a follow-up email from Interac ( reminding you of the e-Transfer refund. This email will be sent every 10 days for 30 days.

Domestic refunds of over $10,000 will be issued in multiple installments of a maximum of $9,999 each.

  1. Upon approval of your refund request, you will receive an email from PayMyTuition ( Please keep an eye out for this email which will provide you further instructions on how to complete your refund process.
  2. Complete the online refund beneficiary instruction form which includes currency, banking and beneficiary instructions.
  3. On receipt of your completed beneficiary instructions, PayMyTuition will verify your request for accuracy and will complete various fraud and compliance checks to comply with various anti-money laundering and compliance laws.
  4. PayMyTuition will send you a confirmation email once your beneficiary information has been verified and approved. You will receive a PDF summary that is password protected. This PDF can be accessed by entering the bank account number that you entered on your beneficiary instruction form (step 3 above).
  5. Once your refund has been processed, you will receive a notification that your refund has been settled. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be deposited into your account.



Students who request refunds are subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

  • Payments received by the University of Guelph directly from a foreign country will only be refunded after a student is registered in two consecutive terms at the University of Guelph with a limit of $2,000. Only one refund will be paid out per registered semester. All refund requests that exceed $2,000 will be wired back to the originating bank account, subject to a wire charge of $30, or moved to a future registered semester.
  • Payments received by the University of Guelph directly from a CDN bank account will be refunded without these restrictions, but are still subject to review.
  • OSAP students please refer to OSAP eligibility.

If your refund request is declined, you will receive an email to your email account containing an explanation of why your refund could not be processed.

Undergraduate Refund Schedules

Please see the Undergraduate Calendar for the refund policy related to:

  • Cooperative Education
  • Dental Insurance premium
  • Medical Insurance premium

Undergraduate and diploma students on the Guelph campus who have documented extenuating circumstances and wish to appeal the tuition fee penalties calculated based on the refund schedule should review the Tuition Fee Appeal Process.

Graduate Refund Schedule

Please see the Graduate Calendar for the refund policy.

Archived Content

View the Refund Fee tables applicable prior to January 1, 2016.