Registration Deposit – FALL SEMESTER ONLY, Undergraduate Students Only

In order to ensure retention of the courses you select or to be able to add and drop courses for the registering semester, all undergraduate students are required to pay a minimum non-refundable registration deposit of $200 by the registration deposit deadline. Your registration deposit will be applied to your student account. All previous outstanding balances must be paid first or the $200 will be applied to the outstanding balance and will not be considered as a registration deposit. Please review your account on WebAdvisor and consult the preferred payment methods for the registration deposit.

Failure to pay the registration deposit will result in:

  1. Blocked access to course selection for the registering semester.
  2. De-registration (the removal of courses as a result of not meeting payment requirements and deadlines), which will free up spaces in those courses that other students can then select.

Please note: All students must pay the $200 deposit by the registration deadline, regardless of funding sources, e.g. OSAP, bursaries, or scholarships. This condition may be waived on a case-by-case basis under extenuating circumstances, e.g. medical or compassionate grounds, with supporting documentation. To request an appeal, students should contact Student Financial Services at

Residence Deposit

Please see the residence fees.