Travel Grants

The University continues to suspend all international travel for students participating in exchange programs, conferences, sporting events, co-op placements, field work, etc. Currently, the University's student travel insurer is issuing no international travel insurance. Student travel outside of Canada will continue to be suspended until Government of Canada travel restrictions are lifted and our insurer resumes issuing international travel coverage for students.

We're committed to seeing that University of Guelph students have the opportunity to experience different cultures and communities and provide experiences to enhance learning experiences. Travel grants are used to offset additional costs like airfare, vaccinations and travel insurance costs that are associated with travelling.

Undergraduate students should review the list of travel grants available by using the Undergraduate award search.

Graduate students should review the list of travel grants available in the Graduate award search. Graduate students must be registered full-time to be eligible for all internal awards unless otherwise stated in the specific award qualifications.


Exchange or Semester Abroad

Students on an Exchange program or Semester Abroad will have their travel grant applied directly to their student account to reduce the amount owed to the University for tuition and fees for the semester in which the travel will occur.

Conference, Field Course, Volunteer Opportunity or Co-op Work Term

Travel grants for field trips, conferences, etc will be issued to the student by direct deposit provided that there is no outstanding debt to the University.