International Student Undergraduate Research Assistantship (ISURA)

What is the ISURA Program?

The International Student Undergraduate Research Assistantship (ISURA) program is a competitive program that provides up to 10 summer research positions to international undergraduate students.

When is it offered?

The application process starts in January, but the research positions begin in May and typically last for 16 weeks.

Why would a student be interested in this program?

Students gain invaluable research experience working under the direction of U of G faculty and may expand their knowledge and understanding of their current field of study. These positions provide full-time employment during the summer months allowing students to save money to help with the cost of their next academic study period. The salary for a ISURA starts at $9,640 (based on $16.55/hr working 35 hrs/week for 16 weeks, plus 4% vacation pay).