Tuition Policy for Students with Disabilities


To provide undergraduate students who have a continuing or permanent disability which requires a reduced course load (2.0 credits) with an accommodation of "per-credit tuition billing". To be eligible, you must have a relevant disability with supporting documentation from a qualified health professional, and a recommendation for this accommodation from Student Accessibility Services (SAS).


  1. Undergraduate students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and who have provided satisfactory documentation to support a permanent or continuing disability may be eligible for per-credit billing.
  2. Undergraduate students who register with SAS and are not eligible for per-credit billing may be eligible for a tuition waiver. In such cases, students must be taking a reduced course load of 2.0 credits as a result of their disability. This applies to students who:
    • Have documentation that is out of date or is incomplete with regards to a permanent disability (e.g., a learning disability).
    • Have a recognized permanent disability, but were not registered with SAS before the end of the Course Add Period. A SAS Advisor must notify Student Financial Services of the recommended accommodation before the 40th class day.
    • Experience a temporary disability such as those resulting from a significant injury.
    • Have a disability for which the duration is uncertain.


What Students Need to Know:

  • You are required to provide documentation to SAS according to U of G standards for establishing the existence of a relevant disability.
  • Your documentation will be held in confidence and any information shared with Student Financial Services will exclude details pertaining to the nature of the disability.
  • SAS may require a meeting with you to complete the process. For an appointment, call 519 824-4120, ext. 56208 or email
  • Once SAS is satisfied that you qualify, a SAS Advisor must notify Student Financial Services of the recommended accommodation before the last day of the Course Add Period.
  • This process only needs to be completed once.

Billing and Refunds

Per-credit Billing

For students who meet eligibility criteria of #1 of Policy above

  • Students who are to be charged tuition on a per-credit basis will be billed using the per-credit tuition amount when enrolled in 2.0 credits at the end of the Course Add Period.
  • Students who register in 2.5 credits at the end of the Course Add Period are not eligible for the tuition billing accommodation. The tuition refund policy will apply to you.

Tuition Waiver

For students who meet eligibility criteria of #2 of Policy above

Eligible students will be reimbursed for the value of tuition only (not compulsory fees) for 0.5 credits if they were only registered for 2.0 credits up until the 40th class day.

Please refer to the part-time tuition and fee tables for the value of tuition for 0.5 credits. The tuition waiver is not calculated as a percentage of the full-time tuition rate for the student's program.