Tuition Policy for Students with Disabilities – Definitions

Note: This policy is supplementary to Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities as approved by U of G Senate. Definitions and standards set out in that document take precedence. Only items that do not appear in that document are defined below.

  • Permanent disabilities have the same definition as established by OSAP.
  • Continuing disabilities are recognized by the University of Guelph with the same limitations and restrictions on daily activities as permanent disabilities. However, continuing disabilities include some conditions that a health professional cannot certify will endure for a lifetime, but will persist on a long-term basis and at least five years (e.g. some mental health conditions).
  • Per-credit billing is the process whereby full-time students with a permanent or continuing disability are billed at the part-time student tuition and fees rate, which is based on the number of registered courses.
  • A tuition waiver is a reimbursement for the value of tuition for 0.5 credits. Based on the eligibility criteria described in the policy, it can be obtained by a student with a disability who was only registered for 2.0 credits up until the 40th class day.
  • The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a government-funded assistance program of grants and loans for students to attend a post-secondary institution. This program is based on financial need and is intended to supplement your resources.
  • Student Financial Services is a department within the Office of Registrarial Services that manages student accounts, government aid programs, and institutional awards.