Are You a New Transfer Student to the University of Guelph?

Transfer students typically have their transfer credits outlined in their offer of admission. Credits can also be viewed on WebAdvisor on the Unofficial Transcript. Transfer credits are assigned credit standing with CRD showing instead of a specific grade. Credits awarded may be specific U of G course credits (e.g., BIOL*1090) or they may be unspecified credits designated with a subject area and level and not matched to any particular U of G course code (e.g., BIOL*9110 would be a biology course at the 1000-level with the 9 indicating it is an unspecified credit). Unspecified credits will not be recognized as prerequisites on WebAdvisor.

Transfer students are strongly encouraged to meet with their Program Counsellor prior to selecting courses to clarify program requirements and how the transfer credits can be used, and for assistance with creating course schedules. Please refer to the list of Program Counsellors for contact information.

Additional information for transfer students is available in the Transfer Student Resource Guide.

Students sitting at tables in the atrium of the Summerlee Science Complex