Undergraduate Program Counselling

Follow-up to the Degree Program Meeting

Recording link: Here is where a link to the recording of the BComp Program Meeting with the presentation and hour long question and answer session will be posted in a few days.

Links to Helpful Resources

SoCS program counselling page This is where your program counsellors, Greg and April, will post information for you related to academics.  Note that at the very bottom of the page it tells you how to contact Greg and April if you have questions.  Remember our email is cscouns@uoguelph.ca (please do not use our personal accounts).

SoCS Wiki  (login with your central university id & login password) This is where you will find what CIS courses are being offered, your CIS course outlines, and links to student clubs.

SoCS Moodle  (login with your central university id & login password) This is where you will find the Academic Integrity Module that you MUST complete, ideally before you submit your first assignment. You will also find some of your courses here.

University of Guelph homepage  (click on the student login button on the left and login with your central university id & login password) This is where you can find almost everything you ever need to know related to the UoG.  Type in what you are looking for into the search box at the top right.

Learning Services This is where you can find resources and professionals to help you learn how to succeed at university e.g. to get help with academic coaching, time management, procrastination, study skills and more.

Student Wellness This is where you can get help taking care of you as a person: mental counselling, physical health/doctors, accessibility services, sports therapy and more

Student Accessibility Services If you have any kind of disability, this is where you get accommodations and support that you are legally entitled to which level the playing field for you.

The Guelph O-Week boxes

Are keepsake boxes filled with items to help first-year students feel part of the Gryphon family and to set them up for success. 

Students  have been  invited by email to sign up for a time to pick up their boxes at tents on campus on Tuesday, Sept. 8. until 4pm in the parking lot between Mountain and Prairie (p8).  The Orientation Team will send out another email about those days at the end of the week.

 International students do also receive one! They have received an email about two weeks ago... maybe longer. Asking them to give us their mailing address. If they can't find the email, no worries - we'll also email at the end of the week a reminder

If you have further questions about the O-week boxes, please email: orientation@uoguelph.ca

Fall 2020 CIS Course Selection:

If you are having trouble adding CIS courses let us know if you haven't already. If you're asking about a required CIS course we will try, though it's pretty late. Electives are what you see on WebAdvisor. You can contact us by email at cscouns@uoguelph.ca 

CIS*4150 CIS*4300 CIS*4010: If you are in 4th year (graduating end of winter 2021 or sooner) and want one of these please email us.

*** CIS*4010 Cloud Computing will be offered this fall instead of in winter 2021. ***

Academic Advising Help

We are working remotely as per the UofG COVID-19 guidelines.  You can contact us by email at cscouns@uoguelph.ca (Computer Science Counselling) or through Microsoft Teams (search by our personal email addresses: April anejedly or Greg gklotz ). Please use your @uoguelph.ca account for either option, and include your student number in the initial message.

The best approach for asking questions is:

  1. If it's a one sentence quick question and our status on Teams is available/green, ask there through Teams text messaging. Otherwise email  cscouns@uoguelph.ca .
  2. If it's a paragraph with a couple of questions, email us:  cscouns@uoguelph.ca .
  3. If it's more involved, call on Teams if our status is available/green (just like a phone call), otherwise email asking for a meeting. Give a brief description of how we can help and when you're available.