Undergraduate Program Counselling

Help with Fall 2023 Course Selection

When can I start registering for courses?

It depends on how many credits you have. Please see: Course Selection Dates

How do I register for courses?

Check the Registration Guide. WebAdvisor had an update so even returning students may need to skim the Tutorial. Add courses one at a time, starting with required CIS ones. You will need to be flexible with your section choices.

Why is a CIS course full? Why does a CIS course have so little space?

Space is gradually added to CIS courses as we go through the course selection windows. On June 16th and 17th fourth year CIS courses are getting opened around 8AM. Then we start opening third year courses, second year courses, and first year courses, etc. The space shows up on WebAdvisor on weekday mornings around 8:30AM. It's a manual process. A person in Registrarial Services has to update each course, so the courses might open at 8AM, 8:30AM, or even 9:30AM. I realize that's not ideal from the software developer perspective, but it's not something I can fix. I'm not purposefully adding more challenge into your course selection with random timings.

My required CIS course is still full and it is past noon. What should I do?

Email Sarah and Greg: cscouns@uoguelph.ca from your University email, with your student number, course, etc. Please note that most years have two days of course selection windows. For example, space in 4th year courses will open both on June 16 and June 19. As long as you ask during the early part of course selection we will make it work so don't stress, but do ask. Do not wait until late August about a required CIS course you need. By then it might be too late to register. Students who do not enrol by July 9 may find that their desired or required course sections are no longer available.

My elective CIS course is full. It's past noon. What should I do?

Add a different elective for now and check to see if more space opens tomorrow. For example, most 3rd year CIS electives will open when 3rd year students are course selecting. Feel free to check in with Sarah and Greg at cscouns but we might not be able to help you.

My non-CIS elective is full or has a restriction that prevents me from adding. What should I do?

Add a different elective for now and check back periodically to see whether the course has more space or the restriction was removed. For restricted courses you may need to declare a minor. Add a different elective for now, and check the Minor section below. You can also try emailing the course contact about details Course Contacts. Do add a different elective while you wait please! If the other elective works out during course selection you can swap them.

Minor or Area of Application?

Bachelor of Computing students in CS or SENG need to take some electives outside of computing. There are two options.

Minors. Minors are 5 credits (usually 10 courses) you take over your 8 academic semesters. These give a good foundation and introduction to the subject. They also go on your transcript, and are an officially recognized credential.

The other option is an Area of Application. This is for students who find minors too restricted and want more flexibility in choosing electives. It requires 8 courses in a subject other than CIS, 2 of those at the 3000 level. It’s unofficial, and not recognized on the transcript. It does let students combine subjects into a custom learning plan, for example Math and Music. Again, spread over the eight academic semesters.

If you’re not sure what you like, try a variety of subjects in first year, then start focusing on one starting in second year.


The current list of minors can be seen here. They are subject to change. Minors are added, paused, or cancelled periodically.


I would like to declare a minor

Email cscouns@uoguelph.ca from your UofG email account using this template:

Email subject: your last name, first name, student number, [minor you would like] Minor, which Calendar year [e.g. 2023]

Email body: Hello, My name is firstName lastname and my student number is studentNumber. I would like to declare a yourMinor minor as listed in the [2023] Calendar.

The Calendar year is usually the same as the one for your major as shown on WebAdvisor. If the minor was not available then or has changed and you would like the new minor requirements you can declare the newer minor. 


I have a completely different question. Who can I ask?

If your question is about the Bachelor of Computing degree or CIS courses email Sarah and Greg: cscouns@uoguelph.ca