Undergraduate Program Counselling

The Bachelor of Computing program offers majors in Computer Science and Software Engineering, as well as a General Degree. The program is supported by our Program Counsellors, April Nejedly and Greg Klotz. They assist students with making academic decisions and help their implications.

Program Counsellors

April Nejedly Profile Picture
April Nejedly
Reynolds 1114
519-824-4120 x58173
cscouns@uoguelph.ca (Computer Science Counselling)

Greg Klotz Profile Picture
Greg Klotz
Reynolds 1113
519-824-4120 x52711
cscouns@uoguelph.ca (Computer Science Counselling)

Designated Office hours for drop-in

Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

We have designated drop-in office hours Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and we try to be available at other times but may have meetings or other commitments. Please email or call for an appointment outside these hours if needed.

What you need to know right now

  • Course selection for winter 2020 is now closed.
  • You can visit us to declare your minor or email us to confirm your area of application.

What more we can help you with



  • Deadlines
  • Selecting
  • Adding
  • Dropping academic ramifications
  • Exchange
  • Letter of Permission: Taking a course at another university
  • Signing CIS course waiver


Academic Consideration.

  • Late add, latedrop, deferred exam etc.


Graduation Requirements

  • Progression towards graduation
  • Area of Application, electives
  • Declare Minor
  • CIS Minor requirements and substitutions


Co-operative Education

  • Academic-work sequences, changes


Student Status

  • Eligible to Continue, Probation, Required to Withdraw, 70% requirement


Refer Students to Other Campus Services

  • Health Services
  • Counselling
  • Tutoring
  • Library and Learning Commons
  • Co-operative Education
  • Athletics
  • Admission Services

Also see the Responsibilities of the Program Counsellor section in the Academic Calendar.