Undergraduate Program Counselling

Fall 2020 Course Selection updates will go here.


*** CIS*4010 Cloud Computing will be offered this fall instead of in winter 2021. ***


We are using rolling caps during course selection. As 4th year students are first to add courses, spaces in 4th year courses will be increased over the first three days. Then 3rd, 2nd, and 1st year courses.

Updates on course capacity increases will be posted here.




Academic Advising Help

We are working remotely as per the UofG COVID-19 guidelines.  You can contact us by email at cscouns@uoguelph.ca (Computer Science Counselling) or through Microsoft Teams (search by our personal email addresses: April anejedly or Greg gklotz ). Please use your @uoguelph.ca account for either option, and include your student number in the initial message.

The best approach for asking questions is:

  1. If it's a one sentence quick question and our status on Teams is available/green, ask there through Teams text messaging. Otherwise email  cscouns@uoguelph.ca .
  2. If it's a paragraph with a couple of questions, email us:  cscouns@uoguelph.ca .
  3. If it's more involved, call on Teams if our status is available/green (just like a phone call), otherwise email asking for a meeting. Give a brief description of how we can help and when you're available.