Undergraduate Program Counselling

Academic Advising Help

We are working remotely as per the UofG COVID-19 guidelines.  You can contact us through cscouns@uoguelph.ca or through Microsoft Teams (search by our personal email addresses: April anejedly or Greg gklotz ). Please use your @uoguelph.ca account for either option, and include your student number in the initial message.

The best approach for asking questions is:

  1. If it's a one sentence quick question and our status on Teams is available/green, ask there through Teams text messaging. Otherwise email.
  2. If it's a paragraph with a couple of questions, email us.
  3. If it's more involved, call on Teams if our status is available/green (just like a phone call), otherwise email asking for a meeting. Give a brief description of how we can help and when you're available.