Society of Computing and Information Science (SOCIS)

The Society of Computing and Information Science (SOCIS) is an official student organization for the University of Guelph's School of Computer Science students.

SOCIS represents School of Computer Science (SoCS) students, including those enrolled in computer science, software engineering, the general computing degree and all minors. SOCIS also represents students in the SoCS council meetings (which has far-reaching effects on important topics such as curriculum), and in the College of Engineering and Physical Science Student Council (CEPSSC) meetings.

SOCIS also runs events throughout the year including o-week, social nights, community building events, weekly Guelph Coding Community (GCC) technical events, as well as a hackathon on Local Hack Day. We also represent the University of Guelph at CS games, a collegiate competition that includes challenges from all aspects of computing.

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