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Bachelor of Computing Degree

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Computer Science (Honours) Available 4 or 5 years GCT
Software Engineering (Honours) Available 4 or 5 years GBS
General Not Available 3 years GCG

Bachelor of Computing (B.Comp.)

If you enjoy problem-solving, nothing is more exciting than working and studying in the cutting-edge field of computer science. The Bachelor of Computing, offered at the School of Computer Science, will provide you with a strong foundation in hardware and theory with a particular focus on applied software development. With interdisciplinary knowledge and valuable skills acquired throughout the program, our graduates are highly sought-after professionals in the current industry.

Within the Bachelor of Computing, there are two majors available: Computer Science (CS) and Software Engineering (SENG). Unique to the Bachelor of Computing Degree is the Area of Application, which allows you to study a secondary subject. Computing is often multi-disciplinary, and the Area of Application allows you to choose another discipline you wish to study alongside Computer Science or Software Engineering. Your Area of Application may be in a discipline such as biology, psychology, business, or any other area you are interested. Co-op options are available for both the Computer Science and Software Engineering majors. To learn more, please visit Co-op Education.

The School of Computer Science also offer a three-year General Program. Please note, the degree requirements for the General Program are different than the Computer Science and Software Engineering majors.

To learn more about our Bachelor of Computing programs, please visit the Undergraduate Calendar.

Computer Science (CS) Major

Explore problems, build innovative computing solutions and contribute to the evolution of technology. The Computer Science major will provide you with a theoretical foundation in computer science, as well as practical experience in software development and an introduction to hardware. You will explore pressing computer science issues, from large system software development to emerging technologies. Computer Science will focus on programming and the theory of computation, with plenty of flexibility in selecting computer science electives to fit your interests, such as Computational Intelligence, Computer Security, Game Programming and Human Computer Interaction.

Your First Year in the Computer Science Major

Semester 1
  • CIS*1300 Programming
  • CIS*1910 Discrete Structures in Computing I
  • MATH*1200 Calculus I
  • 2 electives which may include courses in your Area of Application
Semester 2
  • CIS*2500 Intermediate Programming
  • CIS*2910 Discrete Structures in Computing II
  • MATH*1160 Linear Algebra I
  • 2 electives which may include courses in your Area of Application

To learn more about the courses offered in the second, third and fourth year of the Computer Science major please visit the Undergraduate Calendar.

Software Engineering (SENG) Major

Contribute to innovative and cutting-edge software design. Providing a foundation in computer science concepts, the Software Engineering major focuses on team-based software development and professional standards. Software Engineering provides an excellent background in design and development, as well as the implementation and the evolution of software. Students’ soft skills such as communication and teamwork will be enhanced and strengthened. You will have a unique opportunity to take courses on different aspects of software engineering, including design methods, team interactions, communications and managing real-world software engineering projects.

Your First Year in the Software Engineering Major

Semester 1
  • CIS*1250 Software Design I
  • CIS*1300 Programming
  • CIS*1910 Discrete Structures in Computing I
  • 2 electives which may include courses in your Area of Application
Semester 2
  • CIS*2250 Software Design II
  • CIS*2500 Intermediate Programming
  • MATH*1160 Linear Algebra I
  • 2 electives which may include courses in your Area of Application

To learn more about the courses offered in the second, third and fourth year of the Software Engineering major please visit the Undergradute Calendar.

Area of Application

Create a learning environment that pushes your thinking and creativity to new levels. At the University of Guelph, you will have the opportunity to broaden your skills and knowledge by studying a secondary area that is of interest to you. The Area of Application is a set of 8 courses from another discipline. There are over 40 different disciplines to choose from, some of which are:

Computing + Psychology

  • Apply principles of human psychology to computing by studying usability of systems, investigating the effects of computers on people and developing user-friendly interfaces that meet the needs of users.

Computing + Business Administration

  • Develop business applications, analyze business systems and implement economic models with a firm background in both computing and business.

Computing + Physics

  • Utilize knowledge of various topics in computing to aid contemporary physics research, such as astrophysical modeling, particle physics research, or quantum computing.

Computing + Biology

  • Explore the growing field of bioinformatics and engage in fine-tuned software development for a wide array of complex biological problems.

Meet Our People

Founded in 1971, the School of Computer Science (SoCS) has maintained its focus on developing strong technical and analytical skills in students using hands-on experience in leading-edge technology. Here, we have developed a set of video information sessions and video testimonials to help you learn more bout our program, facility, and university as a whole! The videos can be either found below or as a Youtube playlist.

Program Counsellors: Greg Klotz and Sarah Brennan

Have questions about SoCS or our undergraduate degree programs? Ask Greg and Sarah! Greg and Sarah are the Bachelor of Computing (B.Comp.) program counsellors. Both counsellors are skilled and knowledgeable about our program and have created short presentations for our Guelph Gryphons to enjoy. If you have any questions, please contact our program counsellors: cscouns@uoguelph.ca.







Student and Faculty Testimonials

Current students and alumni have developed testimonial videos, highlighting for which reasons they chose Guelph, as well as their experiences while here in SoCS. Dr. Andrew Hamilton Wright has also provided a video related to what it is like being a University student. All of these videos can be found below:



Welcome to SoCS!

Narrated by Cathie Hosker, Administrative Officer, on behalf of the Director of SoCS, Dr. Minglun Gong, this presentation highlights the strong staff and faculty presence within SoCS, our exemplary standing within research, and our increasing attractiveness to prospective students.