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Order of Canada 2024

The Order of Canada is how our country honours people who make extraordinary contributions to the nation. 

Since its creation in 1967 (Canada’s centennial year), more than 7,000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order. The...

6 months 2 weeks ago Honours and Awards
Gruber Prizes 2024

The International Prize Program honors individuals in the fields of cosmology, genetics and neuroscience, whose groundbreaking work provides new models that inspire and enable fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture.

The Cosmology Prize honors a leading...

6 months 2 weeks ago Honours and Awards
Faculty Information Exchange Series 2023-2024: Research data – Are we giving our data away? Or Are we saving it for a rainy day?

Led by:

  • Dr. Michelle Edwards, Director, Agri-food Data Strategy, Office of Research
  • Carrie Breton, Repository Analyst, McLaughlin Library
  • Dr. Asim Biswas, Professor and OAC Chair in Soils and...
6 months 2 weeks ago Workshops and Events
Great Lakes Fishery Commission: Pre-proposals for Fishery and Sea Lamprey Research Programs, 2024

Pre-proposals for the Fishery Research Program and Sea Lamprey Research Program are being accepted until January 15, 2024. Please review the call for proposals before submitting your pre-proposal. Pre-proposals should be submitted through the online system, which contains...

6 months 2 weeks ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
ECR Voucher: NSERC Alliance Advantage (formerly Option 1)

In support of early career researchers (ECRs), NSERC is launching a pilot initiative to offer 200 vouchers of $10,000 each to replace some or all of the...

6 months 1 week ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Canadian Poultry Research Council - 2024 Call for Letters of Intent

The CPRC Board established a three-category approach designed to accommodate both ongoing research issues and respond to evolving areas of research. Specific priority areas and desired research outcomes have been identified within the categories. The 2024 call for LOIs encompasses the...

6 months 3 days ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Simons Foundation - Independence Awards

All Independence Award programs engage talented early-career scientists from diverse and/or historically underrepresented backgrounds to pursue research in either autism science (SFARI), computational and systems neuroscience (SCGB), or cognitive aging (SCPAB), while facilitating their...

6 months 3 days ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2024

Addressing methane emissions from cattle is complex. About 86% of methane emissions in agriculture are released through a biological process called enteric fermentation that takes place in the gut of cattle and other ruminant animals. Therefore, emerging solutions need to be backed by strong...

5 months 4 weeks ago Honours and Awards
Open Scholarship Brown Bag Series: Research Data Management 101

In this research data management (RDM) brown bag, you will learn all about how RDM is being shaped at the national level through the...

5 months 1 week ago Workshops and Events
NSERC CREATE Webinar for Prospective Applicants - 2024 Competition

NSERC’s Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program awards grants of up to $1.65M over 6 years for the development of innovative training programs designed to enhance...

5 months 1 week ago Workshops and Events