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1907 Trailblazer Award 2024

The 1907 Trailblazer Award was established to encourage high-impact, step-change approaches to research in the brain and mind sciences for mental health. In addition to supporting a specific research project, the Award intends to increase the size of the talent pool of early career investigators...

4 months 3 weeks ago Honours and Awards
Panmure House Prize 2024

The Panmure House Prize is an annual award of US$75,000 for research that explores the relationship between long-term thinking and radical innovation. The Prize is awarded to emerging leaders in academia and enables research that embodies Adam Smith's own approach to rigorous empiricism and long...

4 months 3 weeks ago Honours and Awards
Cystinosis Research Foundation Research Grants 2024

CRF is pleased to announce the 2024 Spring Call for Cystinosis Research Proposals and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships.

The mission of the Cystinosis Research Foundation is to support bench, clinical and translational cystinosis research to find better treatments and a cure for...

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Arrell Food Innovation Awards 2024

The Arrell Food Prizes recognize global excellence in the broad area of food innovation and community impact. In 2024, two awards will be given out:

  • Research Impact: This award will recognize a researcher or group of researchers who has advanced...
4 months 3 weeks ago Honours and Awards
Canada Foundation for Innovation - Innovation Fund - 2025 Co-applicants

CFI seeks to support promising and innovative research or technology development in areas where Canada currently is, or has the potential to be, competitive on the global stage. The University of Guelph will consider providing allocation to applications led by other universities. If you are...

4 months 2 weeks ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
KTT Symposium 2024: Building Skills for the Future of KTT in Agri-food

The annual Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) Symposium, led by the University of Guelph (U of G) and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is back in spring 2024 with a focus on building skills for the future of KTT in agri-food.

Every year this...

4 months 2 weeks ago Workshops and Events
Simons Foundation 2025 Class of Pivot Fellows

The Simons Foundation and Simons Foundation International are now accepting applications for the next class of Pivot Fellows. The Pivot Fellowship program\ will support researchers who have a strong track record of success and achievement in their current field, and a deep interest,...

4 months 2 weeks ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
NSERC Alliance Grants – National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships

The Government of Canada released the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships on July 12, 2021, resulting in changes to the NSERC Alliance program for...

4 months 2 weeks ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
The RCVS Knowledge Plowright Prize 2024

Walter Plowright was widely regarded as one of the world’s most eminent veterinary virologists and authorities on rinderpest, whose development of a tissue culture vaccine represented a key milestone in efforts to control the disease – one of only two infectious diseases that have been...

4 months 2 weeks ago Honours and Awards
Science and PINS Prize for Neuromodulation 2024

The Science and PINS Prize is awarded for innovative research that modulates neural activity through physical (electrical, magnetic, optical) simulation of targeted sites in the nervous system, with implications for translational medicine. The Prize was established in 2016 and is awarded...

4 months 2 weeks ago Honours and Awards