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Compute Canada Federation - Support for COVID-19 Research Projects

Canada’s research community is mobilizing to help address the current COVID-19 crisis and the Compute Canada Federation (CCF) has an important role to play in supporting them in this work.

If researchers could benefit from access to compute resources and...

1 year 5 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Compute Canada - Resources for Research Groups competition

The Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition was created to enable individual faculty members, and their sponsored research groups, to access compute and storage resources beyond what can be obtained via the...

4 years 11 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Competition Open for Canadians: Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program, 2017-2018

Global Affairs Canada and the Chinese Ministry of Education are offering short-term scholarships to Canadians wishing to study abroad in China. Scholarships are awarded for studies, research, language studies or a combination of studies and language studies at...

4 years 10 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Competition launched: New CIFSRF call for proposal in 2015 *updated February 12, 2105

The call will support projects that aim to develop, test and apply ways to scale up food security and nutrition innovations, particularly ones that address the needs of women small-scale farmers as core users. It will support projects that take effective, pilot-tested, innovations to a wider...

6 years 7 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Community Foundations of Canada's Healthy Communities Initiative

Public spaces are the glue to our communities: they enable a feeling of belonging, of social cohesion and encourage our sense of collective identity. COVID-19 has seriously constrained our access and use of these spaces in communities across Canada. Impacts of the virus have also been...

7 months 1 week ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships

Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships are for highly skilled researchers from other Commonwealth countries to spend one or two years at an eligible UK university or higher education institution conducting postdoctoral research.

These fellowships are funded by the...

3 years 10 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
CKCF – Pawsitivity Grants 2015

If your project helps dogs help people or promotes the positive role dogs play in Canadian society, then you should apply for a CKCF Pawsitivity Grant.

6 years 5 months ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
CITF request for Expressions of Interest: COVID-19 Hot Spots

The COVID-19 pandemic has been experienced unequally within countries and Canada is no exception. Most COVID-19 deaths in Canada have been in long-term care facilities, cases have clustered in select neighbourhoods and within the hardest hit provinces, and working whose jobs require routine...

1 year 2 weeks ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
CIHR Trailblazer Award for Excellence in Population and Public Health Research

The CIHR-IPPH Trailblazer Award in Population and Public Health Research is a career achievement award that recognizes exceptional contributions in the area of population and public health research.  Recently, CIHR-IPPH launched their...

3 years 10 months ago Honours and Awards
CIHR Townhall Meeting

Are you intending to register/apply in the CIHR Project Scheme 2016 1st Live Pilot...

5 years 9 months ago Workshops and Events