Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance – KTT Initiatives Call for Proposals


Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance


The KTT Initiatives funding stream provides one-time financial support of up to $5,000 for a product, service or strategy that translates and transfers research that benefits Ontario’s agri-food sector or rural communities to knowledge users. This includes pre-research engagement and partnership activities, focusing on activities that foster collaboration and engagement, especially with equity-deserving groups. Proposed initiatives must be completed within a year of the start date. This funding stream aims to be agile and responsive to the KTT needs of University of Guelph (U of G) agri-food and rural researchers.

Eligible projects must relate to an established OMAFRA research priority (current version: August 2023) and demonstrate a high likelihood of contributing to the health, sustainability and/or competitiveness of Ontario’s agri-food sectors and/or rural or Indigenous communities.

For further information about this funding opportunity, please visit the KTT page on the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance website and review the KTT Initiatives Stream Program Guide.


University of Guelph faculty members are eligible to be the lead applicant and/or a co-applicant on any project funded by the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance. Retired faculty members holding Professor Emeritus status are eligible to be the Lead Applicant or a Co-Applicant, as long as they are eligible to hold research funding at the University of Guelph. Adjunct faculty members may also apply if they are eligible to hold research funding at the University of Guelph, are not employed by or have a financial interest in any of the collaborating organizations or co-funders, and their adjunct position permits them to engage in research-related activities that are not under the direction of another individual. Consult the program guide for more details.

Prior to a new proposal being awarded in the KTT-I program, the Lead Applicant and Co-Applicant (if applicable) must be in ‘good standing’ for all existing Alliance projects – including up-to-date reporting, Data Management Plan submissions, current with recovery of all outstanding Research Centre fees and other financial obligations

Maximum Project Value

Maximum project value is $5000 with a maximum project duration up to 12 months.

Special Notes

If you would like to consult with a knowledge mobilization specialist regarding your application, please contact kttadmin@uoguelph.ca.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

KTT Initiatives funding is an open call and funding is available on an ongoing basis.

How to Apply

Online Application Process

All Alliance programming is administered in the RMS. Log in to the RMS through the OMAFRA RMS Log In webpage. Please contact rescoord@uoguelph.ca if you experience any difficulties logging in.  To open an application, select the ‘Alliance KTT Initiatives Grant’ under ‘Invited Calls’ and click on ‘Determine Eligibility’. It is important that your project begins in the fiscal year identified in the call. If the RMS does not contain a call applicable to the fiscal year you are looking to start a project in, please contact rescoord@uoguelph.ca. Confirm your eligibility to apply for funding to access an application.

For questions, please contact: kttadmin@uoguelph.ca.

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